Football Guide :Don't let the "home team complex" affect your bets

Football Guide :Don't let the "home team complex" affect your bets


The home team in "home team complex" does not refer to the home team of the game home and away. Rather, it refers to the team that the fans care about and are concerned about. For example, if a fan likes Real Madrid, then he will consider Real Madrid as his "home team". The "home team complex" is actually a fan's attachment to the team they care about, and it has a huge impact on football betting.

The longer you dabble in the field of sports betting, the more you pay attention to football matches, the more most players will slowly fall in love with a team or several teams, and they are obsessed with them, after all, in the day of the football matches, buy a bet on their "home team" matches, in the beauty of watching their "home team After all, in the football match day, buy a bet on their "home team" game, in the beautiful to watch their "home team" game at the same time can be beautiful to win money, there will be a double happiness.

The most intuitive impact of the "home team complex" on betting is the judgement of the game. As a result of the existence of the "home team complex", the "home team" of the game, the player is very easy to preconceived ideas. When you see a handicap adjustment in favour of your "home team", you subjectively think that the bookies are optimistic about the "home team's" adjustment. And when you see the handicap adjustments that are not in favour of your home team, you will have the idea that it is the betting company that is suppressing the heat of your home team.

In the handicap adjustment, a certain team is very popular, its handicap is easy to become "hot", a large part of the reason is that the team's fans are many, resulting in its heat continues to climb. The most intuitive example is the national team's game, as we all know, as long as the national team's game, then, buy the so-called "patriotic single" will be endless national football handicap, national football handicap can be hard to buy a rise, and the dealer in the national football game, most cases can earn a lot of money, there are national football! The "home team complex" of the football players can be said to be credited.

The existence of the "home team complex", but also to the dealer to manipulate the disc to do hot a team's space. Take the 2014 World Cup match between Brazil and Germany as an example. That year's game bookmakers opened the initial index is flat hand Germany in the water, and after betting, gradually adjusted to the Brazilian flat in the water, especially in that year's Brazilian absolute core Neymar injury suspension can not be on the field after the handicap can still be so adjusted, I have always thought that there are bookmakers induced ingredients, after all, in 2014 five-star Brazilian brilliance is still loud and clear, I am surrounded by a lot of Brazilian fans, to buy Brazilian! The discs are still more than the German discs. The final result of the game Brazil 1-7 lost to Germany, the betting played 150 times the odds.

Of course, the "home team complex" is not useless for betting. Due to the existence of the "home team complex", these football players on the understanding of a team will be far higher than ordinary football players, and some unknown, few people will pay attention to the details of the point sometimes will directly affect the trend of the game. But overall "home team complex" on the impact of betting is more bad than good, after all, the dealer is not a charity, for the heat, there are enough fans of the team's game, the dealer will never be soft to give up the harvest, as players often say, "the big hot will die". This is not necessarily the result of the dealer using the player's "home team complex" and the handicap of the inducement.

In the football betting, to overcome the "home team complex" on the impact of football betting, at least to do the following two points:

1, Watch the game and match betting to distinguish, after all, both want to enjoy watching the game and can enjoy winning money good thing is not often. Watching football matches can be players on their own "home team" love, after all, football is the world's first sports, looking at their favourite "home team" players valiant posture, looking at them break through the opposing team's goal when the sky long whistle, passion, enthusiasm, itself, this is the The actual fact is that the actual people are not able to get a good deal more than the actual people. And sports betting and different, sports betting can essentially be considered a risky investment, and is the kind of win is to win all, lose is to lose all the risk, from the theoretical point of view, is the intention of the bookmakers cold data analysis, belong to the team's objective analysis of the fundamentals, any mixed personal feelings of thinking may fall into the bookmakers of the inducement.

2, Do everything possible to abandon the identity of the "home team" fans. In the case of choice, try to avoid their "home team" of the game, because the "home team complex" subconscious will always influence the player's judgement. In the event that you can only choose the match of your "home team", it is advisable to give up your own analysis and research and consider following the experts that you think are reliable.

These small thoughts hope to give you in their "home team" on the game more a reminder, and you encouragement.