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[Football Ant] The expert group function is officially launched, and now it is recruiting expert group leaders from all over the world.(At present, only experts using Android phones can apply for the expert group, and experts using iOS phones cannot apply for the expert group temporarily)

expert group

1.What are the advantages of the expert group?

We will be committed to using the [group] method to gather the wisdom of multiple people, and the prediction accuracy will be higher. The expert group can get more fans, and the group leader and group members can earn more commissions and tips, which is mutually beneficial and win-win.

Brief description of the expert group:

The expert group can consist of 3 members. The leader has the greatest power and is responsible for the distribution of income, tips and decision-making, selection of members, and charging standards.

Players who do not have the qualifications of group leader can apply to join the expert group, become group members, and still earn income.

Users can get more match predictions within 24 hours with higher accuracy.

2.Why join the Football Ant community?

  • Football Ant already has 500,000 users, 10,000 VIP users, 500 experts, and 1,000 new users every day.

  • Football Ant has Android APP, iOS APP, PC website, H5 website, providing convenient services for users.

  • Football Ant provides a good platform service for experts to earn commissions. 132 experts have successfully withdrawn US$19,580.

  • Football Ant provides promotion services for experts, which can help experts attract fans on social platforms such as Facebook, ins, twitter and so on.

3.How to withdraw the earned money?

We now use cryptocurrency to pay commissions for experts to protect the privacy of experts.

Since our users come from all over the world, compared to the traditional bank transfer model, we use cryptocurrency to pay the commission of experts, so that each expert can withdraw commissions quickly and conveniently, and protect their privacy. Experts only need to provide their own USDT (TRC20) address.


4. How to make more money

  • Higher prediction accuracy. Therefore, the team leader must carefully choose the game prediction. If you enter the expert top10, there will be many users on the platform that will pay attention to it, and then buy the plan.

  • Fill in the reason and analysis of the recommended competition to increase the possibility of fans buying.

  • The team leader and members insist on publishing player predictions every day, and the player list will attract many fans. These users will also become fans of the expert group and purchase the expert group's forecast.

  • Create your own Facebook, ins, twitter accounts and record your predictions on the platform. If you have performed very well recently, the social platform of 24H soccer win will help the leader to forward and recommend, and help the leader increase fans.

5. Steps to apply for the expert group

On the personal center page, click the button [Apply for Expert Group], upload your own image, group name, introduction, and attach a screenshot of your past results, and then you can submit your application.

We will process everyone's application information within 24 hours. After the review is passed, the team leader can release the tips first and recruit his own team members. You can find friends who are familiar with you, or you can wait for other players on the platform to submit membership applications.

6.Expert group application conditions and related rules agreement

Application conditions:

1. Applicants must be at least 18 years old

2. Applicants need to publish a total of more than 30 game predictions in 24H-soccer win, and a winning rate of more than 50%.

Rules and agreements:

1. After the applicant successfully applies for the expert group, he will be the leader of the group;

2. Each player can only join one group, and the group does not support dissolution and transfer.

3. Only the team leader can create the plan, period, time, number of games, whether to return unprofitable coins, and charging standards within the group.

4. The time of any plan is >= 4 hours and <= 48 hours, and a maximum of 3 game predictions will be released every 24 hours.

5. The group leader of the coins earned in the group can only be distributed to the current group members, and can be withdrawn or consumed after the distribution is completed.

6. If the plan within the group has not been released for 10 consecutive days, the platform has the right to freeze the group. If you need to re-open, please send an email to: prediction@24h-sports.com

7. All information released by members of the group must comply with the requirements of civilization, harmony, world and equality, such as discovering maliciousness, inciting ethnic hatred, discrimination, obscenity, pornograph

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