Football Guide: Notes on 0-0 Score at Half Time in Matches

Football Guide: Notes on 0-0 Score at Half Time in Matches


Recently, a friend lamented, "I've had terrible luck betting on 0-0 half-time games." Upon inquiry, I discovered they specifically targeted these matches and placed bets for over 1.5 goals at halftime, resulting in more losses than gains. This belief echoes a common sentiment: "With such promising stats, the match will surely yield at least two goals." However, reality often diverges from these assumptions.

A halftime score of 0-0 typically signifies either staunch defense or lackluster offense from both teams. Let's delve into specific insights regarding 0-0 halftime games.

  1. Data Analysis

Examining the Premier League (representing the top five leagues), Eredivisie (a high-scoring league), and J-League (an Asian league), we analyzed data from the last two seasons. Looking at matches with 0-0 at halftime and over 1.5 goals by full time, except for Eredivisie's 2017 season, these leagues consistently showed very low rates, well below 50%. Notably, Eredivisie's 2018 season saw a significant decline compared to 2017. These stats emphasize that expecting over 1.5 goals in full time from 0-0 halftime matches is reckless.

It's crucial to avoid betting on over 2.5 goals even if two goals are scored in the second half of 0-0 games. Data indicates a remarkably low likelihood of over 2.5 goals after a 0-0 halftime score.

These investment considerations are not universal. It's advisable to focus on top-tier leagues; the three mentioned leagues represent most top-tier matches. Cups, lower divisions, and unpredictable matches carry various uncontrollable factors and thus don't align with these insights. Additionally, relying on this large dataset for low-odds matches is inadvisable. Remember: Football is unpredictable!