Football guide: 365 odds final and initial change analysis

Football guide: 365 odds final and initial change analysis


The obsession with 365 is the biggest preference and belief of many people for football betting. Perhaps it is from the 365 can benefit greatly, perhaps just 365 odds in the existence of the information is too accurate, this time to bring is the recent 365 odds from the initial to the final disc between the changes in the results of the game some still have a strong tendency.

1. Odds: 1.67 3.60 5.25

1.67 3.60 5.25 This initial 365 odds, no matter how the final disc changes, in recent games on the board and even undefeated record is still relatively reliable, only to rise the home win, down the draw, this very tendency in the lower part of the change pattern, the only cold change in this odds. The two changes that are mirror images of each other have been the most consistent changes for home wins at these odds. Lowering the home win, then raising the draw, and lowering the minus to raise the home draw.

2. Odds: 1.40 5.00 6.50

In 365's recent 1.40 5.00 6.50 odds, it is very interesting, overall the probability of a draw is very low, and even in the promotion of the main victory, the lowering of the level of the negative, the change to the end of the disc, the 16 recent matches all divided into winners and losers. The stability of this odds is also relatively strong, the mainstream changes only normal mirror two, better grasp of the analysis.

3. Odds: 2.20 3.25 3.50

In this odds change to the end of the market, it can be clearly seen in addition to the promotion of the home win, lower draw, this change, very supportive of the home win, other changes are inclined to the lower end of the market, and even the stability of the single draw is also very high.

4. Odds: 1.53 4.20 5.75

This odds is more interesting, his form of change is also relatively small, mostly in favour of the home win or home team undefeated, only the end of the lower home wins and draws, and then rose the negative odds, this change of three matches all for the cold negative play.

5. Odds: 1.73 3.10 4.75

This 365 initial price has not appeared too often recently, but when it does, we can clearly see that the home team has the credibility to go undefeated. In addition to the previous two changes, the other changes, for the time being, are all home wins, no draws.

6. Odds: 8.00 4.00 1.44

No matter how the odds change, the away win is still extremely stable in recent matches.

7. Odds: 1.61 3.50 5.50

This odds is full of cold odds, we just need to get hold of the drop home win, rise the draw, this 5 games all win home win odds outside, the remaining odds change even only appeared in a change for the draw of the cold. And this odds in the recent game, for the end of the disc change the biggest feature is for the odds of the main victory to take most of the rise in the main victory to rise the draw of a posture, and once appeared, the chances of cold is also geometric momentum surge. It is worth our attention.