The meaning of Leao's celebration after equalizing against PSG

The meaning of Leao's celebration after equalizing against PSG


When Rafael Leao scored the equalising goal against Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday, it was pointed at that he chose to celebrate by raising a finger to his lips.

MilanNews reports that no official responses have arrived – and most likely will not arrive – either from Milan or from Leao regarding his gesture after the goal, but they instead offer an interpretation of what it meant.

Of course, the fans were not the intended recipient of the ‘Shush’ message. There has always been a great feeling between Leao and the San Siro crowd, the Curva Sud first and foremost, because the Portuguese is the one who justifies the price of the ticket with his play regardless of the result;.

The boos on Saturday night, as confirmed several times by Pioli, were legitimate and they were for the team in general. There is no ill-feeling towards the fans from the Portuguese winger, so that is not the explanation.

The most accepted version, therefore, remains one whereby Leao chose that celebration to silence the criticism that has rained down on him and the team in recent weeks from pundits and the media.

Of course the answer must not be given in words, but on the pitch, and the overhead kick goal against PSG, topped off with a monstrous personal and collective performance, is the best possible response.

Leao’s celebration could have a different meaning, a slightly more important one. It was not done to silence anyone, but to silence something. And that something is the dark period in which Milan had stumbled in the last month, with zero victories and three big defeats.

Ergo, the former Lille man is instead saying ‘enough’ to negativity, a stop to the collective sadness which lingered over the team, sparking a change in attitude and hopefully a fresh start.