CAS to hear the appeal on the Russian football ban in July

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CAS to hear the appeal on the Russian football ban in July

The Russian Football Federation have appealed the ban on their football by FIFA and UEFA. The ban by the two governing bodies came after the invasion of Ukraine in February.

War is not a good thing. The fallout is always painful and disastrous. The Russian invasion of Ukraine saw the battle taken to another front. While the bullets and missiles were claiming its casualties, Russia were receiving some shellacking.

Russian concerns were targeted by the world, with the European nation lacking allies as it waged war against Ukraine. Russian billionaires with assets on foreign soil were targets, with the high-profile hit on Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich well publicized.

Perhaps the attack that Russia could not stomach was the ban on the country from international football. The ban meant that neither its male nor female teams, including clubs, could not partake in any international competition. The ban by FIFA and UEFA hit home as the Russian Football Federation cried foul and appealed against it.

Russia appeals UEFA and FIFA ban

Following the invasion of Ukraine, FIFA and UEFA acted in unison as they pronounced a ban on Russia for disrupting the sovereignty of a neighbouring country. The Russian Football Federation felt the ban was unjust for a crime that had nothing to do with them.

They argue that they could neither partake nor stop the invasion of Ukraine. The Russian Football Federation have appealed the ban from international football by FIFA and UEFA, and their appeal will be heard at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in July. The hearing comes up on July 5.

In a separate hearing on July 11, CAS will adjudicate an appeal by four Russian clubs against exclusion from the next UEFA club competitions. Heading the second appeal is Russian champion Zenit St. Petersburg.

Of bans and appeals

Lawyers and officials have confirmed the dates for the cases before the CAS.  The Russian clubs are seeking a speedy resolution to the appeals before the CAS. They want urgent verdicts ahead of scheduled games in qualifying rounds of UEFA competitions, especially the Champions League.

The football appeals could trigger a chain reaction. It will set a tone for similar cases instituted by Russia and the governing bodies of Olympic sports.

 The IOC claims that the suspension of Russia was not to punish the athletes but rather to protect them. The Olympic governing body also claims it is for the safety and integrity of the games with a prevailing air of deep anti-Russian feelings.

Russian officials attempted to freeze the FIFA ban ahead of their March 24 World Cup qualifying playoff. A CAS judge rejected the attempted freeze.

Should the Russian Football Federation win its appeal at CAS, the chances of reinstating its teams to the World Cup or the Women Euro 2022 remain low.

If the Russian clubs win their July 11 appeal, they could return to the 2022-23 UEFA club competitions. Zenit would go straight to the Champions League group stage that starts in September but it remains to be seen how other sides will take such a development.

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