It is a magic weapon to judge the score and advance the ball with a high trick.

It is a magic weapon to judge the score and advance the ball with a high trick.

The competition cannot be played without data analysis, and so can the score. Ant soccer, providing detailed data analysis.

although the difficulty of guessing the score has been reduced a lot after the single fixed bonus play is launched, it is not easy to pick the most likely 2 or 3 scores out of the 31 options. If there is really no inspiration for a certain game, you might as well start with the data of the two teams and sort out the clue from three aspects.

first, the total number of goals scored by the home team and the total number of goals scored by the visiting team. The number of goals scored and conceded can reflect the basic style of a team, whether to attach importance to offense or defense, good offense and defense or poor offense and defense. It is best to choose a team with characteristics to guess the score, such as a team with a lot of goals, or a team with a lot of goals conceded, to ensure that there will be no unexpected results.

of course, the number of goals conceded in the opening stage of the league is very accidental. For example, Manchester United once lost 1:6 at home to Manchester City, making the total number of goals conceded in 9 rounds reach 12. Real Madrid also suffered a 1-6 and 0-5 defeat to Barcelona. However, Manchester United and Real Madrid are still extremely well-defended teams when facing other teams, and this abnormal score should be excluded.

interestingly, Bayern scored 98 goals in 34 rounds in the Bundesliga last season. Dot, Hannover, Bremen and Schalke all scored more than 110 goals. The average number of goals scored in the Bundesliga season is as high as 2.94, which is the highest in the mainstream league. The average number of goals scored in the first round of the new season has reached 4.11, which shows that the big goals of these Bundesliga teams are still relatively safe in the new.

second, the home team's home goals and the visiting team's away goals. The home and away factors can never be ignored in guessing matches, especially for some middle and lower reaches teams that mainly rely on home court to score points. Once they return to the home court, the defense is extremely fierce, the number of goals conceded will be greatly reduced, and small scores are more common. In order to please the home fans, some strong teams often play offensive football, and the number of goals is more than the away game, which is easy to play high scores.

speaking of this, we still have to mention the Bundesliga. In addition to scoring more goals, another feature of the Bundesliga is "away advantage". Last season, the Bundesliga's away win rate was as high as 32.14%, and the away unbeaten rate was as high as 57.47%, which was significantly higher than that of most other leagues. Wolfsburg and Stuttgart are representatives of the strong and weak players. In the new season, the benefits of chasing "away wins" will be very considerable. Even the strong teams such as Bayern, Dodt and Leverkusen are easy to overheat at home. Judging from some of the games that ended in the first round, the Bundesliga is still the representative of offensive football, scoring as many as 26 goals in 7 games, which is pleasing to the eye.

third, the number of goals scored and conceded by the two teams in the past five games. It is easy for a team to win a row, but it is difficult to score big scores in a row. Even super strong teams such as Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern rarely score more than 3 goals in two consecutive games. Similarly, if the team fails in a row, it is bound to strengthen the defense and adjust the defense personnel. Football is a sport that is difficult to attack and easy to defend. For teams that have won or lost in a row, we should pay attention to.

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