Summary of the practical tips of football betting

Summary of the practical tips of football betting

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Cup matches - a hotbed of upset

The strong team will win in the Cup? Not necessarily, Cup matches are also known as a hotbed of upset. As long as there is a football league, there are basically corresponding Cups. Even like England, there are several Cups held a year. Leagues and Cups are interspersed during the season. However, we can often see in the FA Cup and the League Cup that low-league teams have an upset victory over Premier League-level teams. In fact, the truth is very simple. Attitude in the cup is the most important. For high-leaguel teams, the League match is the first and the Cup is second. For low-league teams, the Cup is a good source of money for the team. It is important to know that every round will get a bonus. If a small club can get through multiple rounds of the Cup, it will also reap a lot of income. Therefore, it is not uncommon to be upset in the next cup driven by profit.

High-league teams don’t pay much attention to Cup matches, and it’s very normal to use substitutes in the game. Therefore, in the Cup, you must not blindly chase the strong team. It is best to understand the team's attitude towards the cup and the recent schedule before betting.


The winning or losing limit of strong and weak teams

When a team wins consecutively, should we continue to bet on winning? For example, in Premier League, it is difficult for the top six teams to lose more than 3 consecutive games, and they usually stop at 2 consecutive losses. It is difficult for a weak team to win more than 3 consecutive games even in a good state of the league. If it reaches 3 games, it has basically reached its limit.

There is no absoluteness, but the above-mentioned limit of winning or losing for a strong or weak team is a high probability event. The strength and background of the team are very important. Don't be blinded by the temporary state of good or bad.


Popular teams will lose

Popular teams will lose refers to the upset of a very popular or promising team in a large-scale event, and it has not played the expected result. For such a game, we need to conduct a rational analysis. When the following factors appear, the popular team is likely to be exaggerated. At this time, there may lose. It needs to be stated in advance that “Popular teams will lose” may also be winning the game but losing the handicap.

1.The team just finished a big victory with more than 5 goals

A 3-0 match in a football game can be called a complete victory. A victory of more than 5 goals basically belongs to the category of massacre. After such a massacre is completed, it is logical that the team will be optimistic about the next game. At this time, you should be careful.


2.Media trend and public opinion orientation

The games of popular teams are always accompanied by reports and public opinion, among which there is no lack of speculation and exaggeration. Under the inducement and exaggeration of the media, it is likely to form an overwhelming heat. In this way, we who do not understand the real information will be seriously misled. Under such misleading, if the team lose the game, it will also be “Popular teams will lose”.

3.Strong historical record

The historical record of the two teams playing against each other is one of our important references in analyzing the game. If one team has a clear advantage, it will naturally be regarded as a favorite. At this time, it is necessary to carefully analyze the combination of handicap and odds.