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An interview with Chelsea's new boss Todd Burley

2022-09-14 06:00:00 908 Versions

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burleigh: The Premier League should learn American sports to play relegation tournaments; I may buy another team

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Todd Boehly

chelsea's new boss Todd Burley gave an exclusive interview with SALT NY. In the released video interview, Burley talked about the idea of various football concepts and the dismissal of Tuchel.

the first is a separate release of views on the Premier League's North-South All-Star Game, and Burley actually said: "In the end, I hope the Premier League can learn some experience from American sports and really start thinking: 'Why don't we have a tournament with the last four teams? '(and then decide on the relegation team)"

when asked if he was actively exploring ideas about the All-Star Game and American sports, Burley said: "Look, I think everyone likes the idea of increasing income for everyone."

as for the European Super League plan, Burley said: "I think you can have a match similar to the European Super League in the summer-(with Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich) do it more in the summer-there are other ways. I think the passion of the fans for the sport is so strong now, I can't imagine the change......

I never say no to Ou Chao. I like to keep all options, but this is not something we want to discuss at all."

burley, meanwhile, hinted at the idea that he appreciates the Red Bull department as well as City's City Football Group: "We discuss the model of too many clubs." Burley said, "I think it is good to have a club in different countries. Salzburg and Leipzig can play in the Champions League, and I want to set foot in more countries."

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