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This is in trouble! Bayern encountered resistance from fans, but Qatar sponsors really gave too much!

2021-11-09 16:13:00 1387 Versions

In the last round of Bayern Munich’s 2:1 victory over Freiburg’s home league, Bayern Munich’s South Stand fans put up posters to vocally boycott the business relationship between the club and Qatar.

The images of Chairman of the Supervisory Board Heiner and Chairman of the Board of Directors Kahn can be seen in the posters played by the fans. Heiner is holding blood-stained clothes, Kahn was carrying clothes with the words "Qatar" in one hand and a suitcase full of banknotes in the other. A washing machine was placed next to them. The title of the poster is: "For the sake of money, we can wash everything." Western media claimed that Qatar's hosting of the 2022 World Cup will cause many workers to lose their lives.


Bayern Munich executives are currently facing a dilemma. On the one hand, there is a huge resistance from fans, and on the other hand, the huge economic benefits from Qatar's business sponsor partners.

The contract between Bayern Munich and Qatar Airways expires in 2023, and their annual sponsorship amount is 17 million Euros. If the two parties renew the same sponsorship for another 5 years, they will bring Bayern Munich a sponsorship amount of 85 million Euros. However, fans are constantly pressing for the club to terminate such cooperation.

But for the senior management, in order to keep up with the pace of the gold and local teams financially, they need to rely on the support of top sponsors, and they need the money to reinforce the lineup.

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