Conte confirms 13 positive cases in Spurs coronavirus outbreak

Conte confirms 13 positive cases in Spurs coronavirus outbreak


Tottenham boss Antonio Conte has confirmed that eight of the club’s first-team players and five members of staff have tested positive for coronavirus.

Spurs are due to face Rennes in the Europa Conference League tomorrow and UEFA have revealed that the game is still set to go ahead.

Rules state that matches cannot be postponed unless a club has fewer than 13 players or no registered goalkeeper available.

Spurs' Premier League game against Brighton on Sunday is said to be under review.

Conte revealed: "The situation makes me very upset because it is serious. 

"It's contagious and there is a big infection. Now we are a bit scared because tomorrow we don't know what will happen.

"Every day, we are having more positives. Everyone is a bit scared. People have families. Why [do] we have to take the risk? This is my question.

"Today, two positives. And tomorrow, who? Me? I don't know. Better me than a player for sure but I think it's not right for everyone. We have contact with our families.

"We had 11 players available for the match and by the end of the training session today one of the players who would start tomorrow is now positive. It's scary. We're all having contact."

With regards to the Seagulls clash, Premier League rules state that permission will not be granted to postpone a match if a club has 14 or more players on its squad list available.

However, the postponement of games is taken on a case-by-case basis and a decision is made by the Premier League board if a request is received from a club.

At the press conference, Conte did not confirm whether Spurs would contact the Premier League to reschedule.

The Lilywhites have already seen a top-flight game postponed this season after their clash with Burnley last month was called off due to heavy snow.

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