Contest lecture hall: unpopular should be "prevented" rather than "bo"

Contest lecture hall: unpopular should be "prevented" rather than "bo"

The house is for living, not for frying. To paraphrase this sentence, in the betting of guessing lottery tickets, lottery buyers should also keep in mind the following sentence: unpopular is for prevention, not for gambling.

in the actual combat of buying lottery, people often hear the word "Bo Leng. Some lottery buyers especially like "Bo Leng". The "special like" here means that they only care about the unpopular, and their single mind is to hit the unpopular high bonus. In fact, this kind of idea is very dangerous, and the word "bo" is also easy to make people think of "gambling", which should arouse vigilance.

we suggest that lottery buyers should "prevent" against "against" against ". Take the purchase of a national online single-game guessing game (I. e. lottery) as an example. If lottery buyers think there are signs of upset before the game, the most rational purchase strategy that should be adopted at this time is "cold prevention" instead of "cold" (refer to the ant football cold warning function).

the so-called "cold prevention", the premise is to use double betting, in the betting is most likely to play the fruit at the same time, to make up for the cold fruit. The so-called "Bo Leng" refers to a single bet that only chooses an unpopular color fruit that is not easy to play. The difference between the two is that the biggest advantage of using the double-entry anti-cold betting method is that if the unpopular is not played, there is still the possibility of winning the prize, and if the unpopular is not played, it will definitely miss the bonus and the risk is even greater.

in football matches, even if the signs of unpopularity before a game are obvious, in fact, the probability of unpopularity is still very low compared to the right path. In actual combat, there are some experienced lottery buyers who have a lot of experience in catching the unpopular. Even so, they often "prevent cold" by making up orders or preventing cold when betting, instead of putting all their eggs in one basket. Cold ".

from the perspective of betting, the benefit of "anti-cold" is to ensure the safety of the principal of the bet. If the game is played on the right path, it will only earn a little less for the bettor; and if it is blindly "cold", it is very likely. "No return". In addition, it should also be pointed out that in the single game of betting on multiple games, the risk of using unpopular as "courage" is also very high, and the guarantee for the principal of betting is also very poor. For "Bo Leng", we must be cautious and it is best to "stay at a respectful distance".

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