Buy lottery knowledge

Buy lottery knowledge

In order to make everyone better participate in the contest, here is to popularize some knowledge about lottery competition.

1. competition is a unique probability game

the lottery comes down to a game of probability. The world we live in is full of random events, and there are probabilities everywhere in our life. Using the theoretical significance of probability can enable us to make reasonable explanations and make correct decisions about various practical problems.

from the perspective of probability, lottery or digital games such as sports lottery and 7-star lottery are probability games with equal opportunities, that is, the probability of each number and each number combination being shaken by the lottery machine is consistent from a mathematical point of view, and from a realistic point of view, as long as it is put into a long enough time period, it is also the same or consistent. For example, there are 35 numbers in the front area of the sports lottery, with numbers "1", "2"... to "35". The probability of each number being rolled out by the lottery machine is the same, which is an equal opportunity probability game.

competition games are probability games with unequal opportunities, and their probability estimates are similar to weather forecasts. The meteorological department will make comprehensive calculations based on meteorological cloud maps and mathematical models to determine the probability of rain or sunny days. In the lottery game, we will make a comprehensive calculation based on the team strength, player status and home and away conditions of each game to judge the probability of both sides winning the game, and then formulate a fixed bonus for each game.

in fact, fixed bonuses are also a reflection of probability. The high and low fixed bonus settings visually reflect the probability level of an event. The lower the fixed bonus level, the higher the probability of an event; the higher the fixed bonus level, the lower the probability of an event. Betting different fixed bonuses represents different winning probabilities. For example, Ajax vs. Manchester United, the fixed bonus for winning and losing the game is Ajax wins 4.00, tie 3.05, and Manchester United wins 1.73. If Ajax wins in 10 yuan and the final guess is successful, the bonus is 10 × 4 for 40 yuan; if the bet is 10 yuan Manchester United wins and the final guess is successful, the bonus is 10 × 1.73 is 17.3 yuan. Obviously, because Manchester United are stronger and have a greater probability of winning the game, the fixed bonus will be relatively low.

therefore, competition is a unique probability game. We cannot simply use the thinking of probability games to guess the results of sports events, or we must combine our personal understanding of the events and team strength and other factors, and comprehensively consider the guessing.

2. master the competition information and reduce the difficulty of guessing

as we all know, the national online single-game guessing game, namely the lottery, is based on football matches and basketball matches. Then understanding football basketball matches and participating teams becomes the basic knowledge that must be understood before participating in lottery games.

in the football and basketball game, each participating team is divided into starting players, substitute players and players who have not been registered to the game list. But we must know that the composition of these three is not fixed and will change according to different situations in each game. The change of participating players may be due to the coach's technical and tactical considerations, the regular rotation due to the intensive schedule, and the need for reserve players to fill the vacancy due to a starter injury. In addition, during the game, both sides have multiple opportunities for replacement adjustments, which may also have an impact on the final result. Timely mastery of such information as the above can help lottery buyers improve the possibility of guessing the result of the competition.

in recent years, the whole society has been paying attention to the application of big data in all walks of life. In sports, it is no exception. More and more relevant data websites are emerging. More and more pre-match data analysis can be used for your reference. These professional data guidance not only covers the technical statistics of major competitions, including the data of the team in a game, the personal data of key players, as well as the basic information of the two warring parties, the historical confrontation of the two teams, the recent record trend, and so on. I believe that with the blessing of these data, even the "Xiaobai" with various question marks in his mind can make an objective judgment on the overall performance of the team when he first comes into contact with the lottery, so as to maximize the chance of winning the lottery.

if it is too troublesome to follow up the competition information in time, and the threshold for beginners of large-scale data reading is too high, as long as you are willing to guess as a lottery buyer, AI data of ant football and artificial experts will provide you with professional guidance.

3. rational purchase of lottery, many times less

today, lottery games have been released for many years, attracting more and more lottery fans to participate in them. However, winning the lottery is actually a random event. In the long run, it is not that the more you invest, the more you will get. I hope that the majority of lottery buyers can buy lottery tickets according to their own conditions and buy lottery tickets rationally. It is not advisable to buy lottery blindly and indulge in lottery. Only by buying lottery rationally can we realize the fun brought by lottery games.

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