Neymar and Messi: The Turmoil and Uncertainty Facing Paris Saint-Germain

Neymar and Messi: The Turmoil and Uncertainty Facing Paris Saint-Germain

Under the fermentation of the "three-stop" storm, there is no longer any chance for reconciliation between Paris and Messi. Some extreme Paris fans have already vented their anger on Messi's social platform. Perhaps it is because of love turning to hatred, or perhaps it is taking advantage of the situation. Now, Verratti and Neymar are also being targeted by public opinion. Is it simply because the two have a close personal relationship with Messi? In Paris' last round of upset by Lorient, two of the lost goals were closely related to Verratti, and the Italian has also hinted at his intention to leave Paris this summer. As for Neymar? He seems to have always been a concern for Paris, with his high salary, fragile physical condition, and self-centered style, constantly creating negative news.


What constitutes a home was originally a serious question. Neymar, who left Barcelona, did not achieve his goal of "being king of the mountain" as he wished. The repeatedly failed Champions League is the obvious pain of the team's owner. As a result, the Brazilian, who has shed tears and made wishes, has gradually become a burden to Paris. Now, Neymar, who has been repeatedly disliked by Paris, cannot find a suitable new haven that aligns with his ideals. Even though rumors of returning to Barcelona or joining hands with Real Madrid have made headlines, they are only products of media-created traffic. The reality of the new generation limiting his chances at top clubs, and the fact that the new world is incompatible with him, after all, Neymar's negative energy easily keeps people at a distance.


Looking at individual data, Neymar has scored 18 goals and provided 17 assists in 29 appearances, which is more than enough to dominate Ligue 1. However, Paris measures success by Champions League titles. Compared to the tolerance shown to Frenchman Mbappé, Neymar and Messi seem to be more easily targeted in the settling of accounts. According to statistics, in the two years since Messi joined Paris, he has been targeted by the director, head coach, fans, and media a total of 8 times, and what about Neymar? Every time he is punished for displaying his individuality, it is his own fault, but after every injury, he will also promptly fall into a departure storm.


Even if Paris is not short of money, the termination fee for clearing out Neymar will inevitably be a heavy burden. With Messi's "three-stop" storm, other gossip targets that originally maintained heat will more or less keep their distance from the Ligue 1 leader. Paris, a city that is romantic but also fickle.

In a world where gathering and parting are beyond human control, Neymar naturally desires less harm and more understanding. Even if the relationship ends, parting on good terms is a mutual respect for each other.