2:0! Real Madrid beat Chelsea!

2:0! Real Madrid beat Chelsea!

Ancelotti taught his former disciples a good lesson at the Bernabeu Stadium. Real Madrid won two goals at home and entered the Champions League semi-finals with one foot.

Although Real Madrid's performance in the league this season is not satisfactory, they are still favored when facing Chelsea. This is not because Real Madrid, as the defending champion, has invincible dominance, but because the Blues' recent record is so poor that it is hard to expect. Chelsea have not won a game since beating relegated Leicester City 3-1 a month ago.


Spend the most money and suffer the most vicious beatings. This is the truest portrayal of Chelsea this season. The Blues, who were originally given high hopes, not only fell into the bottom half of the Premier League standings, won more games than lost games, and the average league goal could not even reach one. I will hope that the Blues will suddenly open up and be able to complete their revenge against the Champions League king at the Bernabéu.

In such an important game as the quarter-finals of the Champions League, the two sides will naturally play the main force. Real Madrid's Benzema, Vinicius and Rodrigo sit in the trident, and Modric, Kroos and Valverde build the midfield. , Chelsea are paired with Sterling and Felix with double arrows, Kovacic, Enzo and Kanter Chen Bing's ribs. At first glance, the two teams seem to be evenly matched. As the game progressed, people realized the maturity of Real Madrid.


The 2-0 victory also allowed Real Madrid to take enough advantage to go to Stamford Bridge a week later. Such a result made Chelsea boss Burleigh's pre-match prediction of a 3-0 win for the Blues a laughingstock. Money cannot win the championship quickly. Chelsea, which spent 330 million euros in the winter window, has been unable to score in 4 consecutive games. Even the media They all joked: Real Madrid disagreed with Burleigh's pre-match predictions.