Tips for choosing a betting event at a specific time node

Tips for choosing a betting event at a specific time node

As we all know, the schedule of 2022-2023 events is still relatively complicated. The World Cup has "cut" the league. Some leagues will be reopened in the middle and late stages of the World Cup. Everyone should pay special attention to the choice.


The offseason is too long, don't blindly pursue strong teams

The most representative of these is probably the recent Bayern. After returning from the offseason, there were two draws directly. The long-term crushing of the Bundesliga hegemony in the league may make everyone feel that there will be mistakes, but it just happens to be adjusted like this. The in place situation has appeared twice in a row, shouldn’t it be worth everyone’s vigilance?

The cup performance is sluggish, returning to the club is embarrassing? 

Players from various countries in the World Cup performed well and badly. In fact, this is normal, but please don’t easily bring their sluggish thinking into the league. Look at the recent performance of Inter Milan’s Lautaro, but the performance of the World Cup Not good, there is Lukaku in the team, so it is generally believed that Inter Milan, which has gathered all the "Crouching Dragon and Phoenix Young", will be deflated in the league, but in fact Inter Milan first defeated Naples in the restart stage of Serie A. Therefore, don't It is easy to substitute the performance of the cup game into the league for consideration.

The newly promoted strong team may not be focused enough

The most obvious example is Barcelona. The Western Super Cup went to Saudi Arabia to win the championship, and the process of winning the opponent Real Madrid was relatively smooth. After returning to China, they eliminated the underdogs in the cup. Lewandowski and others also appeared on the stage. They really played hard. But professional players also need good physical fitness, and scientific rest is the best way to restore physical fitness and maintain health. They fly back and forth to the Middle East twice in a month or two. There are both national team events and important club events. Low, the team can't bear it, so when the state is right, the team can only beat Getafe in the next league. This node is here. When you worry that the strong team cannot win a big victory, they will be destroyed. To win, when you are full of confidence, the strong teams may not be so strong, so you still have to jump out of the phenomenon to see the essence in the selection.

In fact, the above-mentioned situations do not occur in a specific World Cup year. In each season, the league is not consistent. Everyone must take some corresponding objective factors into consideration when analyzing and judging, so as to be more realistic. To judge the trend of a game.