Several key points that determine the team's fighting spirit

Several key points that determine the team's fighting spirit

The analysis of the team's fighting spirit is an important factor in the analysis of the game, especially at the end of the league season or the last two teams in the group stage of a cup. The strength of a team's desire to win often has a great influence on the direction of a game. Accurately grasping the fighting spirit of both parties in an event can not only increase the success rate of betting, but also have the opportunity to catch the unpopularity with high odds!

This article lists some key points that affect the fighting spirit, hoping to help you capture the team's fighting spirit information in future game analysis.


1. League promotion and relegation

At present, most leagues will have a relegation system. This fighting spirit is more credible, it is a bonus item in football prediction analysis. In addition to changes in the game system, the promotion and relegation of the team mainly affects the interests of the team. To put it bluntly, it is "money"!

The commercial value of top-level leagues and low-level leagues will be very different, such as advertising sponsorship, game bonuses, stadium attendance, and so on. Therefore, by the end of the season, the teams ranked near the relegation zone will definitely fight to the death, in the face of mid-range teams that are not interested in winning, it's normal to get upset.

2. Cup qualification

Compared with the promotion and relegation, the fighting spirit of the cup qualification is relatively weaker. On the one hand, the impact of economic interests is not too great. For example, some teams in the Premier League attach little importance to the Europa League, because the Europa League prize money is even worse than that of the FA Cup. On the other hand, some teams have limited substitutes, and there is a certain amount of pressure in two-line combat, which may outweigh the gains. Therefore, when we see this situation, we need to pay more attention and make judgments cautiously.

3. Historical record of both parties

The relationship between clubs is the same as that between people. Most of them have a bit of grievances and hatreds, and there are also some exchanges of interests. In this aspect of fighting spirit analysis, we can carefully check the team's performances and analyze the situation of the two sides at that time. Generally, we can get some valuable information. This is actually the most useful place for historical fighting results.

4. Special Event

There are many different themes in this aspect, such as team anniversary, retirement of important players, coaches or players facing former clubs and so on, especially in a game where there is no other pressure to win in the middle of the league.

5. Dynamic changes in fighting spirit

Each team will set its own mission goals for the season at the beginning of the season, but as the season progresses, the plan will also be adjusted when the team encounters some changes. For example, a cup game that was not valued may be the focus because of poor performance in the league. The cup game that was originally valued may have to be reluctant to part due to injuries and the impact of the schedule. The cup game that was originally valued may also be used as a training due to advancement in advance. Therefore, When we make this analysis, we must fully consider it.