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How to use Ladbrokes' characteristics skillfully to judge the over under betting of the Eerste Divisie?

2022-01-17 09:58:03 5435 Versions

The handicaps of Ladbrokes' over under betting are different from other companies with a stable 2.5, therefore, for some specific leagues, that are, leagues with more goals, the relationship between Ladbrokes and other companies can be studied. The number of goals scored in the Eerste Divisie is often staggering, with more than 6 goals often appearing. So many times the strong teams of the Eredivisie and Eerste Divisie are upset, which is really incredible, especially FC Volendam.

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Let's analyze some representative over under handicap rules:

When in Ladbrokes' Eerste Divisie over under betting, over odds are 1.50 and under odds are above 2.44, such as 2.45 and 2.50, the over under handicaps of other companies are 3.0 or 3.25.

There are 32 qualifying games, of which only 9 games resulted in over scores, the over scores rate is only 28%.

When in Ladbrokes' Eerste Divisie over under betting, over odds are between 1.36-1.40 and under odds are between 2.80-2.75, the over under handicaps of other companies are 3.25-3.5.

There are 19 qualifying games, of which 14 games resulted in over scores, the over scores rate is as high as 73.6%!

We can see that in this Ladbrokes specific type of handicap, when the odds of the over scores are lower than 1.50, the probability of over scores is extremely high, and these games generally have 4-5 goals!

In the games with over betting odds of 1.50 in Ladbrokes, the results are almost all under scores, and the probability of 2-3 goals is extremely high!

And in the handicap rule of a single team, Jong Ajax away games, Ladbrokes over betting odds between 1.36-1.40 and (-3.25)-(-3.5) handicap combination, the probability of over scores is extremely high, the odds of 3.5 are very likely to win!

Jong PSV away games, for companies other than Ladbrokes, if the over under handicap is over 3.0, the probability of a over score in these game is high!

The over under betting of the Eerste Divisie must be discussed in home and away games! For example, the team of Roda, their probability of over scores result in away games is only 15.4%, but the probability of over scores result in home games is as high as 84.6%, the rules of over under betting between the home and away games are completely opposite!

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One of the great advantages of studying this kind of over under betting is that you can double bet on games that conform to the rules in advance, so that you can maximize your benefits with a small amount of money!

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