How much influence the home and away games have on the result of the football match?

How much influence the home and away games have on the result of the football match?

In a football match, the home record of the home team and the away record of the away team are also very important reference data in football predictions. We must not underestimate this data. Sometimes it may be the most important point that determines the accuracy of your predictions.

Under normal circumstances, the team playing at home in the game will increase their odds of winning by 15-30%. This is the so-called home court advantage. However, there are still some teams that always perform better in away games than at home, so this variable should also be put into your own observation. But most teams have better home records than away records, and the opposite situation is relatively rare. Therefore, we must observe and make good use of this result, which will bring us unexpected results.


What are the home court factors?

1. Stadium conditions.

For professional players, the turf quality, length, dry humidity and other details of the field will have a certain impact on the game process. For example, the grass will be slippery if it is watered too much. On the one hand, it will affect the player's running and easily slip. On the other hand, it affects the accuracy of passing the ground ball. Therefore, for teams whose technology is mainly used for passing and controlling, such as Barcelona, the Stadium requirements are higher. And if it is played in their own home court, most of the Stadium are often trained or played by their own team, and the adaptability is higher.

2. Fan atmosphere.

Home fans are often referred to as the "Best 12th". When the home team players play, dribble or even warm up before the game, they will be cheered and encouraged by the home fans, which has a great motivational effect on the players. When the away team gets the ball, it is inevitable to hear boos from the audience.

3. Travel distance.

I believe that the biggest headache for the away team players is to go to the home team to compete. Some European domestic leagues are okay, and some countries with smaller territories are only about 1-2 hours away. For some cup events such as the Champions League, the journey may take more than half a day. Although the comfort of transportation has improved to a certain extent, it still has a relatively large impact on the physical energy of the players.

In addition, geographical location, weather and climate, referees, staff and even caddies on the sidelines will have more or less influence on the game.