Friendships Between Football Clubs

Friendships Between Football Clubs

This table is updated at any time. As long as the team relationship is mentioned in the new article, I will include them. Please remember that factional relationships have always changed due to the interests of the teams.

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Premier League 

Chelsea factions: Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, Swansea, Villa, Norwich, Bournemouth

Manchester United factions: Manchester United, Everton, Southampton, West Bromwich Albion, Sunderland, Fulham, Queen's Park, West Ham United, Crystal Palace, Middlesbrough, Burnley, Hull City

Arsenal faction: Newcastle, Villa, Burnley, Bolton

Liverpool faction: Swansea

Bundesliga: Ranking all 18 teams according to their squad values

Serie A 

Juventus faction: Juventus, Turin, Naples, Verona, Siena, Florence, Sassuolo, Palermo

Inter Milan factions: Rome, Atlanta, Genoa, Samp

AC Milan factions: Cagliari, Lazio, Udinese, Empoli, Parma, Carpi (tentative), Bologna

French Ligue 1 Paris Saint-Germain faction: Paris Saint-Germain, Marseille, Monaco, Toulouse, Rennes, Bordeaux

Lyon faction: Lyon, Lille, Montpellier, Saint-Etienne, Caen, Lorient,Serie A 2020/2021 Table Predictions - Footballant

Portuguese Super 

Porto faction: Guimarães, Rio Avi

Benfica faction: Braga, Ferreira, Portuguese nationals

Eredivisie Ajax faction: Heerenveen, William II, Zwolle

Eindhoven faction: Nijmegen, Graf Hapoel, Utrecht

The Japanese J-League first divides the 18 J-League teams by region.

Kyushu area (Tori Sandstone, Fukuoka Hornets)

Chushikoku area (Sanfrecce Hiroshima)

Kinki area (Vissel Kobe, Gamba Osaka)

Chubu area (Niigata Swan, Kofu Forest, Nagoya Gaihachi, Iwata Joy)

Tohoku Region (Sendai Vigata)

Kanto area (Kashima Antlers, Tokyo FC, Kashiwa Helios, Urawa Red Diamonds, Omiya Squirrel, Yokohama Mariners, Shonan Marine, Kawasaki Forward)

Please keep in mind the above geographical divisions, when the regional derby goes to war, your plan of courage must be selectively avoided. The Japanese are also simple and rude, and the Derby is bound to be bloody, brutal and unreasonable.

The relationship between the Japanese teams is also based on the exchange of interests and interpersonal relationships between the clubs. For example, if you send too much to help me relegation, and I send too much to help you win the championship, the relationship between our two families will be good; if you demote me, and I prevented you from winning the championship, we are incompatible!

The teams that have such a relationship here in the J League are as follows:

Niigata Swan and Sendai Vegate (friendly), Kobe Victory Vessel and Sendai Vegate (friendly), Iwata Swan and Niigata Swan (friendly), Tosu Sandstone and Yokohama Mariner (friendly)

Of course, there are also interpersonal relationships at the head coach level. For example, Mourinho is Rogers’ mentor, Wenger is Gard’s mentor; Rogers has been in charge of Swansea and Liverpool, all of which are at the manager level of closer relations with the club. detail.