Bet tips!Why can't you make a profit following a great expert? You need to improve the quality of betting!

Bet tips!Why can't you make a profit following a great expert? You need to improve the quality of betting!

Although the road of football investment does not require a lot of physical labor, it is not necessarily easier than other industries in terms of the benefits of most people. We have come into contact with a lot of players of all kinds, and many people start from Betting-carefully selected by yourself-mental breakdown-following the expert" has come along this road. It stands to reason that the experts rely on professional fundamental information gathering ability, solid knowledge of handicap odds analysis and years of careful research Valuable experience, the level is indeed much higher than that of ordinary players, but why are there still most friends who follow the predictions of experts and still cannot guarantee profit?


In my opinion, it’s not that the experts are bad, but that in the process of following, it is inevitable that there will be some bad habits that are not easy to detect but are extremely harmful. Today I summarized it and shared it with you. Let’s see if you have committed it. These errors?

1: A lot of betting, no attention to quality

If you love, please love it deeply. If you step on multiple boats, it is definitely not safe. In football betting, a bad habit of some players is "betting on many games every day, but not focusing on quality". The idea is very simple: I get a profit from one game with an expert. Then I and 10 experts make a steady profit every day?

You know, even for very powerful experts, such as the experts on our 24H SPORTS list, the accuracy rate is difficult to exceed 75% based on the year as a unit. If you find more than 10 experts to recommend, the accuracy rate will be all of a sudden It was averaged. At the same time, all of these predictions were used. I still felt that there were not enough games. I chose a few more games. The final result was a careful calculation after the end. Some lost and some won, no profit, and wasted myself. Therefore, everyone should keep their eyes open, carefully screen, and use 24H SPORTS experts who have been verified by most people, supplemented by their own analysis ideas, to reduce the waste of funds.

2: Constantly changing experts

Since we choose to believe in experts, we need to clarify an established fact, that is, in the world of football, everything can happen. No matter how powerful an expert is, 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed. On the contrary, from a general perspective, a long time After his prediction is correct, there must be several mistakes.

However, one phenomenon we are seeing is that there are too many rewards immediately after giving. Following the experts is a good harvest. Then hello, me, hello, hello, once you encounter a few mistakes, some friends can’t remain rational, and ridicule is not a big deal. , The scary thing is that some players immediately abandon the experts they follow, and choose another so-called "expert", endlessly. However, in the days when you leave, the original expert adjusted the state and greeted it with a low profile. There is a wave of continuous profit.

3: Follow blindly without a plan.

Even if you choose to follow the experts for a long time, you also need precise and prudent investment plans. We are telling the word plan and plan every day, but few players can really implement it. What is a plan, to put it bluntly, is to think about it before placing a bet. In this cycle, how much profit or loss I have It's time to stop, it's time to execute the next cycle.

You will find that players with good profits are able to control themselves and strictly implement and record plans. Some are in the form of spreadsheets. No matter profit or loss is recorded immediately, statistics will be recorded immediately. At the same time, they will reach the profit target and give up again in this cycle. Betting.

The development of any business is inseparable from the word "law". We follow the law that experts need to follow. In fact, think about it carefully, isn't it just to improve the quality of betting? Abandoning the attitude of investment at will, arming our brains with scientific and objective thinking, and adding FootballAnt, a rigorous and solid forecasting platform, is the only correct answer for us to obtain stable returns.