Total goal betting skills carefully distinguish the characteristics of the league

Total goal betting skills carefully distinguish the characteristics of the league

The "total number of goals" gameplay is to predict the total number of goals scored against both sides in the entire match (excluding overtime and penalty kicks). That is to say, no matter who wins or loses in this competition and the score, as long as the total number of goals scored by the host and guest teams is the result of your bet, you will win the lottery. Its biggest feature is that it has nothing to do with the outcome of the game, and relative to the victory and defeat, the fixed prize given by the total goal play is indeed not low. This means that when considering the total goal play, we can temporarily put the outcome aside and mainly analyze the fighting intentions of the two teams, especially the attitude towards the game. There are also different league matches with different characteristics and the number of goals scored has some rules to follow, so you should choose the league matches that you are familiar.

there are some special leagues, such as France B and Eredivisie A. These are almost two extremes. The average number of goals per game in France B rarely reaches 2, while the average number of goals per game in Eredivisie is often ridiculously high. In this way, according to different league divisions, for example, when we choose the French League B to bet, we can choose a match in which the attack of both teams is not very strong and the defense is relatively stable. In this way, if we choose the three options of 0, 1 and 2, we will have more than 90% certainty to win.

there is another point worth noting about the total goal play. When we bet, we often choose 2-3 results. That is to say, if we choose 3 results in a simple string of two matches, it is 18 yuan. Considering that the minimum total goal is a fixed prize of 3.0, this will definitely not lose money, and of course we will not earn much. However, if you select 3 results in each game, as long as you play the relatively high fixed prize (usually 7-8, some even up to 10), it is still easy to make a profit. Therefore, in this game, it is a good choice to seek stability, re-election and expect high fixed awards. Refer to Ant Soccer data for more information.

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