Score Skills: Multiple Games Combined with Reference Historical Record

Score Skills: Multiple Games Combined with Reference Historical Record

In the game of lottery football, the score game is a game with a relatively high bonus. At the same time, the difficulty of the score game is also the most difficult one. Therefore, for lottery buyers, the score is not only more interesting, but also a sense of accomplishment after hitting. Very high. Although it is not easy to accurately hit the score of the football match, if you pay attention to the competition matches and data for a long time, you will still find many factors worthy of reference. Here are some skills to guess the score.

1. combines multiple game positioning

if you want to guess the score of a game, you can't put aside the idea of "winning and losing" and "total goal" games. First of all, we should make a prediction of the victory and defeat. For example, if the home team is undefeated, then the score of the main loss can be excluded. In the second step, we should frame a general range by predicting the "total goal", for example, through the tactical style of the two teams, the recent trend of winning and losing goals and whether the key players are injured or missing are excluded from the number of goals with a small expected probability. The third step is to combine the analysis of the first two steps to locate the appropriate options.

for example, in the Italian national derby at the beginning of this month, Juventus played against Inter Milan at home. The two sides are in a competitive situation in the standings. The outcome of this game is likely to involve the whereabouts of the league championship at the end of the season. Therefore, from the perspective of the battle, the two teams will definitely attach great importance to it. Juventus's style has always been conservative, and the team has conceded very few goals, it can be roughly judged that the game is likely to be in favor of Juventus. In the second step, we need to consider the total number of goals. Both sides are typical Italian teams. The style of the game is calm and not radical. In the key battle involving the ownership of the championship, ensuring that the goal is not conceded is also the primary task of both sides. Therefore, there should not be too many goals in this game, so we can roughly define the total number of goals of 0-2 goals. Combined with the general judgment of the first step, we can get several small score options that are beneficial to the home team and score few goals.

2. Skillfully Use Historical Achievements

at present, the competitions that are on sale in the competition are all competitions with relatively high attention. Take the five major leagues as an example. Basically, there are more data about each other in the past. From this, we can also analyze the score of the competition. Some key factors. For example, fans and friends often find that some teams often play a familiar score in the confrontation, which can make the score contest traceable. Take the "double red club" of the Premier League as an example. Manchester United have faced Liverpool in the league in the last four seasons. The two teams have scored three 0:0 and two 1:1. As Manchester United's strength has regressed in recent years, Liverpool's progress is obvious, so the performance of the two teams in terms of track performance has gradually begun to balance. There will be a dialogue between the two sides next season, we might as well refer to the more common score options in recent years to improve the hit rate.

3. team style creates iconic scores

in the world of football, the tactical style and player strength of their respective teams have also created their special score characteristics, which is also a key factor that can be referred to when guessing the score. For example, Juventus and Atletico Madrid, the styles of the two teams are stable. If you pay attention to the performance of these two teams in recent years, you can find that one or several scores occupy a larger proportion in their games. Take Juventus as an example, the score of 2:0/2:1 is a common score type in recent seasons. Once the Bianconeri take the lead in gaining an advantage on the field, what they often pursue is to stabilize the rhythm of the game, keep the victory, and rarely continue to attack and expand the score advantage. Atletico Madrid is a 1:0 representative. Coach Simone's coaching characteristics are relatively conservative. In recent years, the continuous sale of the core figures in the front court has also made Atletico Madrid lack vitality in the front court. Whether facing strong teams or weak teams, Atletico Madrid faces the problem of difficulty in scoring goals, but the quality of their defense is still guaranteed. Coupled with Simone's good iron barrel play, Atletico Madrid often, more than one is rare. Therefore, in the score contest, we can focus on similar teams with distinctive score characteristics, which can be viewed in the ant football data.

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