How to judge the dominant team to win when the handicap is 1.25?

How to judge the dominant team to win when the handicap is 1.25?

1.25 is a rather special handicap, sometimes the dominant team wins, but winning by one goal or winning two goals is the difference between betting win or loss in Asian handicap. Sometimes the dominant team obviously has the advantage in the whole game, but the score will be "win the game, lose the bet", many of my friends have given up on this kind of handicap.

But we know that the handicap given by the betting company is very skillful, every kind of handicap has both the probability of making you win and lose. Give up a kind of handicap directly, although there is no loss, it will not make a profit, if you can look for subtle rules and high-probability models in this kind of handicap, you can also try to bet on this kind of games with small stakes. Today I'm going to share a model of  the dominant team to win when the handicap is 1.25.



1. The dominant team has not been in a good state recently. The best situation is that the result of the recent game are draws or losses, if the result is a winning streak, please give up betting on this game.

2. In the historical records of the two teams playing against each other, only select the home and away situations same as the game you will to be bet. In the last two matches, the dominant team has won at least 1 time by one goal, in the last five matches, the dominant team has won at least 2 time by one goal.

3. If the handicap is increased from 0.75, 1.0 to 1.25, please give up resolutely.

4. The 1.25 handicap you want to bet on in this game must not be lower than the last two handicaps with the same home and away situations.


Each handicap of the betting company has its own skillful logic, this article is just to explain how to use the historical records and the current situation of the dominant team to reversely analyze the thinking of the betting company at the handicap of 1.25. The reason why the games from 1.0 handicap or even 0.75 to 1.25 need to be resolutely given up, because this situation of increasing the handicap has the influence of excessive betting. Judging from my own betting test, dominant teams can often win big scores without being optimistic and with high odds. This proves that in this "people-centered" investment market, the truth is often in the hands of players who dare to think in reverse. Of course, there are no absolute laws for football betting, and you can't just play with your imagination, too. Under rigorous logic and accurate entry points, finding a high-probability model is the foundation to increase the winning probability of a specific handicap to more than 50%.

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