Best Anytime Goalscorer Betting Strategies

Best Anytime Goalscorer Betting Strategies

Betting Anytime Goal Scorers

A popular wager among soccer bettors is the first goal scorer wager. This is exactly what the name suggests it is, a wager on which player will score first in a game. The odds for such wagers are typically quite attractive, and that’s largely why they’re so popular. It’s also because a lot of people think they’re able to accurately predict which players are likely to score first.


We don’t really like these wagers. Despite what some people think, it’s VERY hard to predict which player is going to score first in a game. There are just too many variables at play, which is exactly why making a long-term profit is so difficult.

Betting on anytime goal scorers is a very different proposition.

This system is based on a derivative of the first goal scorer wager. Here we bet on players to score at ANY TIME during a game, which is a whole lot easier. We can make reasonable judgements regarding the chances of a player scoring during the 90 minutes, and don’t have to resort to guessing about which one will be the first. This obviously gives us a much better chance of making accurate predictions.

There are three types of players that we recommend considering when using this system. Refer to our list below.

  • Attacking players in good form.

  • Set piece specialists.

  • Defenders who like to get forward at set pieces.


Players that fall into any of these categories always have a fair chance of scoring in a game. We especially like to back defenders who get forward at set pieces. They don’t tend to score too often, but the odds on them scoring are generally higher, plus they offer better value.

Please, whatever you do, do not bet on every single wager just because it involves someone on our list. We need to be a little more selective than that. This system is all about finding the right opportunities, so we must consider other circumstances surrounding a game. Specifically, we need to consider the relative quality of the two teams and how the game is likely to play out.

If one team is much stronger than the other, then we probably don’t want to back players on the weaker team to score. We’re better off focusing on players on the stronger team. This is simply because it’s the stronger team that’s more likely to score goals. If two teams are more evenly matched, we can focus on players from both teams.

We also don’t want to back players to score in games that we expect to be low scoring. If both teams are very defensive, for example, it’s safe to assume that there’s a low chance of ANY goals being scored. If, however, we’re expecting a really open and high scoring game, then it makes sense to back suitable players to score. The more goals that are likely to be scored, the more likely it is that our selections will be the ones scoring.

Developing & Adjusting This System

As with most systems detailed on this page, the ultimate aim with betting anytime goal scorers is to find the very best opportunities for getting your money down. There are a couple of ways you can develop this system in order to find opportunities more effectively, but they require a fair amount of time and effort. You need to analyze past games and players’ past goal scoring records, and try to look for any trends that can help.

There are two things you’re looking for when doing this. First, you are looking for any specific circumstances in which certain types of players tend to score. For example, you might discover that tall players have a tendency to score in games where both teams play a long ball style. Next, you’re looking for specific players that tend to score in particular circumstances. For example, you might discover that a player scores a lot of goals when playing against teams that use a high defensive line.

This kind of information can be invaluable when betting on anytime goal scorers. The simple approach that we outlined above can be profitable by itself. However, if you do some additional research, and develop it even further, it can be a very powerful system indeed.