A Preliminary Study of Football Factions (Serie A)

A Preliminary Study of Football Factions (Serie A)

Regarding football factions, this issue first brings Serie A excavations.

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1. Historical origin

As we all know, Italian football is one of the five major leagues that is the most particular about faction division. The long and narrow Apennines have formed several relatively large football cities in geographical areas: Milan, Turin, and Rome. The Italians have always retained the family business tradition, and the business method of holding a group for warmth is also reflected in the commercial sport of Italian football.

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In the final analysis, football is the product of the combination of economic society and competitive sports. There are families and factions in the economy and society, so football will naturally have the love and killing between factions.

The four famous Italian football families that were once famous

1. The Agnelli family (Juventus)

2. Berlusconi family (AC Milan)

3. The Moratti family (Inter Milan)

4. Sensi family (Rome)

Even if Italian football is not in its peak period, many teams may sink or rebuild, even if the team changes its back owner, some traditional relationships still exist.

As mentioned earlier, Italians like to unite, and it is very difficult for many football clubs to survive alone. If you don’t hold a group, you will be hit by other small groups. Many teams are closely related to each other. Weak teams need points to relegation at critical moments, and strong teams also need more points for the championship when they are competing for the championship. In the league, most teams are in the middle of the league, especially in the last few rounds of the league. At this time, it’s normal to treat the team with close relationships to lose and send points, and to win the team with bad relationships as much as possible. It’s normal. In addition, some teams have common bosses and common sponsors behind them. These are all football interpersonal relationships based on common commercial interests.

2. Nepotism of the coach

After a century of development, Italian football has been renewed from generation to generation. After the older generation of players retire, they will be active in the coaching bench after a few years of precipitation. Serie A is the most tactical league, and the general head coach will go through the academic experience before taking office. Especially for many new generation coaches, if the seniority is not enough, they can often go to some less famous clubs to exercise through the man-machine relationship of the original parent team. Typical examples are the Gattuso and Inzaghi brothers (who have coached Lazio and Bologna). In addition, after a head coach leaves a team, he often goes to a team that has a good relationship with him.


A typical case is Bologna this season. After Inzaghi was fired from the team, Miha, who once played for AC Milan as a player and coach, took office and scored points. There is also the same coach between Inter Milan and Roma. The long-term coaching exchanges have allowed the team to form a continuum and a tightly separated relationship between the team.

3. Player transactions

This point should be easier to understand. Weak teams train players and send them to strong teams after successful training. There are young players on the strong team who need to level up, or some "defective products" need to be shot, then find a weak team or a strong team with a good relationship to exchange. Each team is a business entity, and the team's management entity is based on players, so it has its own supply chain and output objects. In the process of establishing this long-term relationship between supply and demand, the gradually formed trading system maintains a dynamic balance.

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A very striking example is the factional relationship embodied in Higuain's circulation. After Naples introduced Higuain from Real Madrid in the past few seasons, it shined, and then it was favored by the faction brother Juventus, and finally transferred to AC Milan. The same goes for Bonucci's back and forth between Juventus and AC Milan.

4. Derby relations

This point is described in a classic phrase: the enemy of the enemy is the friend.

On the football field, there is a word called "mortal enemy", and another word is called "mortal enemy in the same city". In the densely distributed urban agglomerations on the long and narrow Apennines Peninsula, almost every city will have big teams and unconvinced second and even third and fourth. The derby wars in the same city often give rise to extremely extreme antagonisms. For example, the famous Milan City Derby and Rome City Derby, every derby battle will set off fierce confrontation inside and outside the stadium. Derived from this will be an alliance outside of opposition. Typically, Lazio and Rome are dead enemies in the same city. In the long-term competition, AC Milan and Lazio formed a relationship between the big brother and the younger brother, and Inter Milan and Rome were allies, and the North and South joined forces to fight against the northern rivals.

The main Derby relationships in Serie A are:

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Milan Derby: AC Milan VS Inter Milan

Rome Derby: Rome VS Lazio

Lighthouse Derby: Genoa VS Sampdoria

Torino Derby: Juventus VS Torino (Harmonious Derby)

Sicily Derby: Palermo VS Catania

Southern Sun Derby: Rome VS Naples

Verona Derby: Verona VS Chievo

Tuscany Derby: Florence VS Siena VS Livorno VS Empoli

Derby in Puglia: Bari VS Lecce VS Foggia

Third, the division of Serie A factions at a glance

Inter Milan: Roma (ally), Atlanta (beater), Genoa, Samp

AC Milan: Cagliari, Lazio (brother), Udinese (beater), Empoli, Parma, Bologna

Juventus: Torino (harmonious derby), Naples, Fiorentina, Sassuolo, (Palermo, Verona, Siena, Cesena, Benevento) (relegated teams in parentheses)

Expansion: Regarding the affiliation of the Turin faction and the Turin derby

Torino: Same city as Juventus, but by no means a deadly enemy.

Torino 2-2 Juventus | Ronaldo Hits Back to Draw the Turin Derby! | Serie A  TIM - YouTube

Although Turin belongs to the same city as Juventus, it seems a bit similar to the two pairs of enemies in Rome and Barcelona, but unlike Lazio and the Spaniards, the Italians have unique family concepts and group characteristics. Those with similar strength will be suppressed, and those with a large difference in strength will be drawn into their own sphere of influence. In the long-term strength comparison, Lazio, who is not a weak team, has become the most loyal brother of AC Milan, joining forces against the twin city combination of Inter Milan and Rome. The Spaniards are backed by the royal faction to hold Barcelona. The boss of Turin is undoubtedly the Serie A Banba Juventus. Juventus, who can cover the sky in Serie A, is absolutely the right to speak in Torino. Torino's return to Juventus was a natural choice based on the absolute strength of the two sides after observing the law of the jungle.

Torino 0-1 Juventus | De Ligt seals derby delight for Serie A champions |  Serie A - YouTube

Judging from the record of nearly 20 matches between the two teams, Juventus has only lost once, this time when Turin beat Juventus 2-1 at home on April 26, 2015. The background of this match is that Juventus has won the championship in advance, and Torino still needs Points hit the European theater.

Therefore, the conclusion is that Torino is the younger brother of the Juventus faction, and the Torino derby has always been a harmonious derby, and Juventus is a long-term beneficiary of factional relations.

Grasping the quasi-factional relationship, especially in the final stage of the league, is very useful for judging the fighting intentions of the two warring parties.