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FOOTBALL ANT is a tool that will teach you how to make money on football betting and get financial freedom.


We know this is a big promise to make and you probably heard it a lot over the internet.


That is why our approach will start by giving you free predictions, and we will announce the VIP predictions for the previous day, you can go through our historical information first, everything is true record.


The most important thing is that our predictions are determined by big data and artificial intelligence algorithms, not by people. 

We do not provide any purchase methods, we only provide professional match predictions.

Then, and only then, you will decide if you want to do business with us. And if yes, you will get the only thing lacking - our high-value predictions. You will become a professional punter.


Get Access To High Value Tips We will keep updating

High Value Tips

Up to a 10 High Value Tips Per Day

Up to a 300 High Value Tips Per Month

Up to a 50% ROI Per Tip

Predictions above 3 stars are only visible to VIP users

Top-performing Tipsters (Live Predictions)

Because we calculate the game within the next 24 hours based on big data, the closer the game starts, the more accurate the prediction. VIP users can view all upcoming matches, free users can only view the start prediction.

last-gasp goal(High-odds)

We provide "last-gasp goal" games for VIP. This kind of game has a high probability of scoring a few minutes before the end. This will give you high odds tips in-play games.

24 / 7 Email Support

When our Featured Experts Predictions are completed, VIP users will receive a reminder email to prevent you from losing profits.