The most classic Champions League trophy moment

The most classic Champions League trophy moment


For Manchester United fans, the trophy after the 1999 Champions League final is the most unforgettable. Facing Bayern Munich that year, they were still 0-1 behind in stoppage time, but the magical story was staged-in the 91st minute, Sheringham's goal Turned around and shot to equalize the score. One minute later, "super substitute" Solskjaer made another shot in front of the goal to overtake the score! Ferguson left the sentence "this damn football", and the triple crown Manchester United was born!


Fans of Mourinho must have been deeply impressed by the trophy in 2004. At that time, Magic Bird was still a young coach coaching in the second-tier European giants. After he led Porto to win the Europa League, he created a miracle in the Champions League and reached the final in an incredible way. In the final, Porto did not give Monaco any chance and easily won 3-0. Mourinho became famous in one fell swoop, and stepped onto the altar of famous handsome.


If you want to ask which year Barcelona was the most pleasing to the eye, many people will answer the 2008/09 season. That year, Barcelona became an unprecedented six-time champion, and their smooth pass and control of football amazed all beings. That year was also the only time Messi and Ronaldo met in the Champions League final so far, and the Argentine had the last laugh. When the most artistic team meets the top game, the scene of a group of red and blue talents holding the cup is destined to be remembered by the years.


Of course, for Real Madrid, the king of the Champions League, there are also unforgettable memories of holding the trophy. In the 2018 UEFA Champions League final, Bale's superb performance met Karius' huge mistake. After the restructuring of the UEFA Champions League, the Galaxy Battleship achieved an unprecedented three consecutive championships. The feat of four championships in five years is comparable to ancient myths. Ronaldo stretched out five fingers, how passionate it is, how great the Platinum Dynasty stepped onto the altar!