Cristiano Ronaldo speaks positively about Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo speaks positively about Messi

The second part of Ronaldo's interview with Morgan Pierce was released. This time the president mentioned Messi more than once. When asked about his relationship with Messi, Ronaldo said that Messi is a magical and great player. The two have a very good relationship with each other. He and Messi are not friends, but more like teammates. Such an answer is full of sympathy.


In addition, Ronaldo also answered many topics of interest to the outside world, such as many media reports that Ronaldo's transfer has hit a wall, but the president refuted this, saying that no team would not want a player who scored 32 goals last year; and Ten Hag's relationship is the focus of public opinion. When it comes to the turmoil of refusing to play, Ronaldo believes that Ten Hag did not respect him and let him sit on the bench in the Manchester Derby, but gave him 3 minutes when he played Tottenham. Time, he is sorry for leaving early, but will not regret it.


For the upcoming World Cup, Ronaldo is also full of expectations. He said that if he can win the championship with Portugal, he will 100% choose to retire. What do you think of this second part of the interview?


Mane withdrawn from Qatar World Cup squad

At a press conference on November 17, the Senegalese team officially confirmed that Mane withdrew from the squad because the players could not recover in time to catch up with the World Cup. Previously, Mane was selected for Senegal's 26-man World Cup squad with injuries, but according to the latest media reports, Mane underwent a second MRI examination. The injury was not satisfactory and he had to undergo surgery. Therefore, he will miss the World Cup. If nothing else, Mane will undergo surgery tonight.


Joaquin Correa out of World Cup squad due to injury

Also plagued by injuries is Argentina, which just beat the United Arab Emirates in the warm-up match. Before the start of the World Cup, the Pampas Eagles lost another general, and the attacker Joaquin Correa, who played for Inter Milan, withdrew due to injury The World Cup squad and replacements will be announced in the next few hours. Prior to this, Argentine midfielder Lo Celso had withdrawn from the World Cup due to injury. Who do you think the Pampas Eagles will call this time?

Portugal beats Nigeria by four goals in warm-up match

Portugal played a friendly match with Nigeria, and Ronaldo, who was recuperating, did not enter the squad. In this campaign, B Fee played bravely and scored twice in the first half. Changing sides to fight again, Gonzalo Ramos became the protagonist of the game, staged a pass and shot, Joao Mario scored, and Dennis missed a penalty kick. After this battle, Portugal will usher in the Qatar World Cup journey. What do you think they can achieve?


OPTA Predicts Chances of Winning World Cup

The data agency OPTA predicted Qatar's World Cup victory not long ago. Brazil ranked first with a probability of 15.8%, followed by Argentina (12.6%), France (12.2%), Spain (9.1%) and England ( 8.7%). This year's World Cup is full of power, who do you think will be crowned in the end?