A long-standing Spanish aristocrat, the king of Europe - Real Madrid

A long-standing Spanish aristocrat, the king of Europe - Real Madrid

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Real Madrid is one of the oldest clubs in Spain, the home ground is the "Santiago Bernabeu Stadium". founded as Sky Football Club in 1896 with only 30 members and 7-8 players who played matches on a vacant lot on Lista Street. On March 6th, 1902, Madrid Football Club was officially established, with Arthur Johnson, an Englishman, serving as the first head coach. On June 29th, 1920, the King of Spain added the word "Real" to the club's name to promote the development of football in the capital city of Madrid, and the club officially changed its name to Real Madrid Football Club.

Team History:

After its establishment, Real Madrid began participating in the national league. As Spain had not yet held a national league at that time, only the King's Cup was held. The team won its first title in 1905 and then won three consecutive championships in 1906, 1907, and 1908, becoming a powerful force in Spanish football. In 1928, the Spanish La Liga was established with ten teams participating. In the first few seasons of the league, Real Madrid did not win the league championship until they won twice in 1932 and 1933. For more than 20 years after that, Real Madrid never won another league championship.

In the early 1950s, Real Madrid reached an unprecedented golden era, known as the "Real Madrid era". In 1954, they won the league championship after a 21-year drought, and then won it again in 1955. That same year, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) created the European Champions' Cup, and Real Madrid represented Spain, winning the first five editions of the competition. This record remains unbeaten to this day, and Real Madrid became known as the "dream team" of European football. Real Madrid has since won the European Champions' Cup/Champions League 14 times, the most of any European team, and rightfully earned the title of "Kings of Europe".

Team Honors:

· Spanish La Liga champions: 35 times

· King's Cup champions: 19 times

· European Champions Cup champions: 14 times

· FIFA Club World Cup champions: 8 times

· UEFA Super Cup champions: 5 times

· UEFA Europa League champions: 2 times

· Spanish Super Cup champions: 12 times

· League Cup champions: 2 times