No one makes money easier than Neymar

No one makes money easier than Neymar

Today, the French media disclosed some details of the Neymar contract, and the most surprising is that there is a "moral bonus" of 6.5 million euros per year.

According to the content of the contract, Neymar needs to "be polite, punctual, and be able to be generous and friendly to the fans" on weekdays.


The contract also stipulates:

"Neymar needs to greet the fans before and after the game and thank them."

"You need to pay attention to the words in public, and you can't make any negative comments on the team's technical and tactical choices."

"It is not possible to publicly publish negative comments about the club, its employees and supporters."

If Neymar can do the above, he will receive a monthly bonus of 5416.8 million euros, a total of about 6.5 million euros per season.

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