Detailed explanation of several simple and practical betting methods

Detailed explanation of several simple and practical betting methods

Detailed explanation of several simple and practical betting methods

I have always emphasized to everyone that if you want to use sports betting as an investment method and make money through football betting, you must have a reasonable and appropriate betting system. Only by insisting on betting in accordance with the correct system can you make a profit. 24H SPORTS is here to give you a summary of the most basic, simplest and most operable betting methods, and analyze the pros and cons, applicable environment and operation methods one by one.

1. The same amount bet for each match

The equal bet method, that is, the amount of each bet is equal. This method has higher requirements for hit rate and odds, but it is also simple and crude, and is less affected by state fluctuations. In terms of psychology, the fluctuation is also small. The main problem is that it is easy to change the mentality after consecutive mistakes to perform double betting operations.

Regarding the profit of the equal betting method, I personally think it is very difficult, because according to the nature of the profit of the banker, it is a margin. It is very difficult to maintain the hit rate at a high level. Assuming that betting on the upper and lower markets of the Asian handicap, the odds are between 0.85 and 1.05, then the hit rate must be above 48.78% to 54.05% to achieve profitability, and there are many PUSH and WIN HALF in actual operation. Case. And even if it can maintain a 60% hit rate at a water level of 0.9 for a long time, the return rate is only 14%. ’


Ø Less long-term risk

Ø Less psychological fluctuation

Ø Smaller principal limit


Ø High requirements for long-term overall hit rate

Ø Relatively high requirements on odds

Ø Relatively low yield

2. Double betting method

We all know that if a coin toss is "positive" for N consecutive times, then the probability of "negative" for the N+1th time is still 50%. However, in gambling betting, this kind of thinking is common-my current prediction is wrong, and there is a high probability that it will be correct tomorrow. I have made a mistake twice in a row, and it will be correct tomorrow. I have contacted the wrong three times... …If the prediction is correct today, there is a high probability that an error will occur tomorrow, if it is wrong today, and the probability will be correct tomorrow, if you win, you will reduce your bet amount, and if you lose, you will increase your bet amount. In theory, buying less is a good way to make money. Loss is doubled, and equals is won. As long as there is a sufficient amount of funds, the loss can be recovered and the effect of profit can be achieved.

Most people have their own stable hit rate, as well as a maximum number of consecutive errors under normal circumstances, so there is a more common double betting method.

There are two things to bet for double betting. One is how much to bet each time, this can be fixed, how many times it doubles after each error, or it can be calculated based on the odds, how much is needed to bet to recover losses and reach the target profit. Another principle is to stop the loss after a few mistakes and give up the principal and start over.

In this way, there are only two results for each round of double betting, one is the final correct, the other is the continuous error to the end, and each round of double betting is correct, the final profit after a single bet, and the final loss after the error is a certainty Value, then the double bet of each cycle is regarded as a betting plan. The essence of double betting is that I take so much final loss to buy the profit after the correct order.

If you want to do a good job of double investment, I suggest that you have to make statistics on your hit rate first, and choose the best stop loss line based on the number of consecutive errors. After many attempts, I think that the stop loss line should be set as low as possible. Normally, it is difficult to adjust the mentality after a continuous error occurs. If the stability is a maximum of 4 consecutive errors, you will feel that it is set to stop for 6 consecutive errors. The loss line is stable. However, once there are 5 consecutive mistakes, it may continue to be wrong, or even reach 10 consecutive mistakes...Because the more the bet goes to the back, the greater the pressure, and even if the stop loss line is set, many It is also difficult for people to "cut the meat" to complete the stop loss, and will stick to it with gritted teeth. Therefore, try not to set the stop loss line too high, so that after a stop loss, start again, it is easy to recover the loss as soon as possible, and it is also beneficial to "cut the meat" and adjust yourself to start a new round.

In short, Betou can choose the best per bet amount and stop loss line based on its own situation and long-term statistics.


Ø Low requirements for overall hit rate

Ø It is easier to realize profit in the short term

Ø It may create extremely high yields in the short term


Ø Higher requirements for psychological quality

Ø If the mentality goes wrong, it will bring immeasurable losses

Ø Higher principal requirements

3. Proportion method

The more basic operation method of the proportional method is to set the principal, and each time bets are made according to the percentage of the remaining funds, and then the remaining funds reach a certain ratio in time to take profit or stop loss. The biggest feature of this betting method is that it can stop losses in time in the case of continuous errors and extremely poor conditions, and can maximize profit under the conditions of continuous correctness and bursting conditions.

And according to the introduction of double betting above, the rule of proportion may appear to buy less when it is correct, and buy more when it is wrong. It often happens that the profit can be taken after 4 consecutive corrects, but it is correct to the third time. Wrong, even if the short-term hit rate reached 70%, it still failed to achieve profitability.

Therefore, the author of the proportional method believes that it is difficult to achieve stable profitability. However, it also has some advantages. We often say that the dealer's trading ideas are constantly changing. There is a category of people who, as soon as they conform to the ideas of this period, they will be extremely accurate. They will be correct for 10 times at any time, but they will come in a blink 10 mistakes. For players whose long-term statistical hit rate is like this, the proportional betting method is undoubtedly the best betting method. The effect of compound interest is achieved through proportional growth during continuous profit. When continuous loss and mentality problems, Minimize losses.

In addition, in actual operation, the proportional betting method is of great help to the maintenance of state and mentality. In double betting, every time you complete a profit, the next bet amount is lower, which is not easy to cause alertness, and it is easy to make people bet at will. After consecutive errors, the next bet amount doubles, which is easy to make people afraid. Dare to bet, or the pressure is high, which will affect the analysis. Different from double betting, the proportional betting method can only be profitable if it is continuously correct. Every time a profit is made, the bet amount will increase and the pressure on funds will increase. Moreover, the deliberate pursuit of continuous correctness makes the player more cautious about profit in the operation, which is beneficial to the state. Keep, when the same continuous error occurs, the betting amount is continuously reduced and the pressure is reduced, instead of being afraid of continuous losses, and the mentality is out of balance, the state will soon be restored.


Ø State and mentality can be better maintained

Ø Low requirements for psychological quality

Ø The upper limit of the rate of return is extremely high

Ø Controllable losses, effectively avoiding huge losses


Ø The overall hit rate is high and there may be no benefit (requires continuous correctness)