All You Need To Know About Football Wagers(2)

All You Need To Know About Football Wagers(2)

First and Last Goalscorer

First and Last Goalscorer!webp

As long as you are keen on giving this manner of wagering on soccer a try, you should rest easy that there is nothing complicated about it simply because you will need to pick a player who you consider will score the first or the last goal in the matchup. As you can probably guess, making a right prediction might turn out to be quite hard simply because the options bettors can pick from are aplenty.

Total Goals

Total Goals

It is fair to say that total goals also falls into the category of some of the most preferred manners of wagering on soccer with the most obvious reason for this being that gamblers simply need to decide whether the total number of the scored goals will be under or over a specific predetermined value. It is important to note that the values are displayed with halves. The aim of this is to ensure that eventually, the number of the goals will be over or under that specific value, which in other words means that your stake cannot be tied.



Any knowledgeable football bettor will tell you that scorecast wagers remain one of the trickiest ways of staking on soccer. The biggest peculiarity of this bet type stems from the fact that football enthusiasts are compelled to make two right predictions which have to do with the player who they think will become first goal scorer and the score at which the matchup will end. As you can probably guess, your stake will be successful only if both of your predictions are right. Thus, if you want to ensure that you will consistently enjoy some good results, it would be better if you stay away from such bets as they require a lot of expertise and luck.

Both Teams to Score

Both Teams to Score

If you prefer sticking to some bet types which are rather straightforward, both teams to score might draw your attention as well. As the name hints, making such a stake involves wagering whether both of the teams will score a goal or not, it is as simple as that. Best of all, making such bets might bring you a nice profit, which explains why they are so favored.



Gambling enthusiasts who are dead set on making longer-term predictions need to know that future bets are the best way to go. Unlike the bets we already discussed, the biggest peculiarity of these bets is that gambling enthusiasts are making predictions about the outcome of events such as leagues or cups. A prime example of making a future bet would be wagering on the winner of the World Cup. Still, punters need to have a lot of expertise and knowledge about the teams in order to be able to make right assessments. It is important to note, however, that football fans are allowed to make such stakes throughout the course of the whole competition.

Parlays and Accumulators

Parlays and Accumulators

Making parlay or accumulators bets is the best way to plunge into soccer betting. What sets these bet types apart from the rest of the wagers we already discussed is that parlay and accumulators incorporate several stakes into a single selection. Still, the most complicated thing about them remains that every single bet which constitutes a parlay or an accumulator bet should be winning one. On the contrary, what makes such bets so alluring are the payouts punters might enjoy.


Most bookmakers will also allow you to bet on how many cards you think a game will produce. The margins will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, however, an example would be where you bet on between 0-20 bookings, 21-40, or 41+.


Many bookmakers will give you the chance to wager on how many corners you think there will be in a game. Again the different margins will vary depending on the bookmaker, however, a common split could be 0-9 corners, 10-12, and 13+.


This is simply when you wager on whether the total number of goals produced in a game will be an odd or an even number.


Special Bets

Specials are all the weird and wonderful types of bets offered by the bookmaker. They are considered as separate to the normal types of bets you often find, and normally include markets such as the time of the first goal by time interval, the time of the last goal, anytime own goals, clean sheets, or penalties.

You’ll find that different operators will have their own selection of specials bet types so it’s well worth having a good look around to see what’s on offer. Either way, they allow you to bet on some of the more obscure variables that football matches can often produce.

The operator with the best specials wagers is Paddy Power. Not only do they have more specials than any of the other operators we’ve listed in our top 10, but they also offer a nice, varied selection that has been specially tailored to fit the specific fixture.


Depending on the bookmaker, special penalties markets can differ. Whereas some may allow you to bet on whether or not the game will produce a penalty, others will allow you to bet on which team you think it will be to and whether or not it will be converted.

Winning Margin

Winning margin markets are pretty straightforward. Here you only have to guess which team will win and guess the exact winning margin.

Minute Markets

Minute Markets allow you to wager on events such as the number of goals, the number of corners, fouls, or sometimes even shots that will take place within a given time period. These time periods vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, however, they will normally be set at either 10 or 15-minute intervals.

Red Card Y/N

Here is where you’re able to wager on how many red cards you think a game will produce. This can be a particularly useful option in fierce derby games.

Clean Sheet Y/N

Clean sheets markets are when you can bet on either the home or away side to go the full 90 mins without conceding a goal.