Uncertainty Surrounds Benzema's Future Amidst Rumors of Messi's Link with Al Nassr

Uncertainty Surrounds Benzema's Future Amidst Rumors of Messi's Link with Al Nassr

Lionel Messi's rumored connection with Saudi Arabian powerhouse Al Nassr has caused a stir, yet remains unresolved. However, another football heavyweight, Karim Benzema, momentarily took center stage. The president of Al Nassr intended to mark the signing of Benzema as a significant move for his re-election campaign. To entice the Frenchman, a two-year contract with an after-tax salary of €100 million was offered. The power of money is undeniable, especially when coupled with Al Nassr's sincere intentions, including granting the player 100% image rights and inviting him to be an ambassador for the 2030 World Cup bid.

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Just when it seemed Benzema had made up his mind about his retirement destination, another Saudi Arabian powerhouse, Al-Ittihad Jeddah, almost simultaneously extended an olive branch to the Real Madrid forward, using similar terms. Unlike Al Nassr's approach, Al-Ittihad Jeddah actively recruited Benzema with the backing of the Saudi government. It is worth noting that Al-Ittihad Jeddah clinched the championship in the Saudi Arabian league this season.


Both the Spanish newspaper "AS" and various transfer experts have already confirmed that Benzema's collaboration with Real Madrid is coming to an end. Although at the press conference, he simply stated, "Tomorrow, I have training, so right now, I'm at Real Madrid." Frankly speaking, for the 35-year-old Benzema, this is a tempting contract with a sky-high appeal. He has already inquired about the Saudi Arabian league from Cristiano Ronaldo and actively sought information about the team's plans from Al-Ittihad Jeddah's manager. These are all signs of an imminent departure.