Premier League Champions League qualification battle: Tottenham vs Manchester United, match analysis and prediction.

Premier League Champions League qualification battle: Tottenham vs Manchester United, match analysis and prediction.

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The Premier League tonight’s game: Tottenham vs Manchester United, is a battle for the top four, both teams are vying for the Champions League qualification for next season, the game will be very exciting.


Tottenham analysis

Tottenham’s performance this season has been disappointing, not only in the league rankings slipped, but also in the Champions League was eliminated by AC Milan, four empty. The team has gone through two coaching changes, currently by Mason as interim coach. The team’s defensive end is the biggest problem, has been unable to get a clean sheet for seven consecutive games, last round more than 1-6 defeat to Newcastle United.



This game for Tottenham is an important turning point, if they can beat the state of good Manchester United, then the team may be able to regain confidence, continue to compete for the Champions League qualification. If they lose, then the team may be overtaken by Liverpool, or even lose the Europa League seat.


Tottenham need to rely on captain and core Kane’s performance, he has scored 24 league goals this season, is the team’s only pillar of the offensive end. But Kane also faces the problem of stay or go, there are rumors that Manchester United, Chelsea and Bayern are interested in him. If Kane leaves, then Tottenham will lose their biggest killer.


Tottenham also have to face injury troubles this game, midfielder Bissouma and Bentancur, right-back Royal and goalkeeper Lloris are all injured. Sessegnon and Lenglet also need to be assessed to determine whether they can play. This is a challenge for the team’s lineup adjustment and tactical arrangement.


Manchester United analysis

Manchester United have made good progress this season under Ten Hag’s guidance, currently ranked fourth in the league with 59 points, but still have two games in hand, if they can take all six points, they may overtake Newcastle and enter the top three. The team’s recent state is also quite good, the league has won three consecutive wins, and all clean sheets. The FA Cup also reached the final, will compete with Chelsea for the championship. The only regret is that the Europa League was eliminated by Sevilla, missed the semi-finals.



Manchester United’s progress this season is mainly reflected in the balance of offensive and defensive ends, the team under Ten Hag’s coaching, played a more fluent and threatening attack, but also improved the stability and intensity of defense. The team’s core players also played their own level, especially Bruno Fernandes, he has scored 18 league goals this season, and has nine assists, is the team’s offensive end of the soul. Other players such as Rashford, Greenwood, Sabitzer and so on also have good performance.


But Manchester United also face some problems and challenges, first of all, the ability to fight away is relatively weak, the league 15 away only got 7 wins 2 draws 6 losses record, lost 29 goals. Secondly, injury troubles, the team currently has a number of main players can not play, including central defender Varane and Lisandro-Martinez, midfielder McTominay, Jones, Ganaocho, Van de Beek and so on. The most important thing is that Bruno Fernandes also has injuries, may not be able to play this game. This is a test for the team’s lineup adjustment and tactical execution.


Head-to-head record

In the last 10 league meetings between the two teams, Manchester United have a 6-1-3 advantage, scoring 18 goals and conceding 15. It is worth mentioning that Tottenham have only drawn one and lost four of their last five home games against Manchester United, with no home advantage to speak of.



Odds analysis

The initial odds are 2.63  3.4  2.6, almost evenly matched, after the adjustment to 2.8  3.6  2.4, slightly leaning towards Manchester United. The Asian handicap gives a draw, which is worth pondering.



Match prediction

Tottenham have a new coach, the state is unclear, but Manchester United have been fighting on three fronts in the Europa League, Premier League and FA Cup recently, consuming a lot of physical strength, currently have a lot of injuries in the team, this game may be affected, comprehensively, this game Tottenham vs Manchester United, the result should be Tottenham win or draw.