Manchester United look completely broken, when will Erik Ten Hag retire?

Manchester United look completely broken, when will Erik Ten Hag retire?


United have largely endured a decade of despair since Sir Alex Ferguson retired, but even in those long losing years, United's performances were still astounding. This is one of them. It was also a shocking performance that raised serious questions about manager Erik Ten Hag's apparently unflagging confidence.

Whatever troubles United find themselves in, and while the blame undoubtedly lies with ownership and senior management, the manager is usually the first to take responsibility. To be eliminated from the Carabao Cup in feeble, pathetic fashion by a dynamic Newcastle side was a terrible indictment of Erik Ten Hag, of the players and of the club. Damn United.

They have played 15 games this season and lost 8. Whatever the circumstances, this is completely unacceptable for a club with the resources and ambition.

Failure is everywhere. This is completely shameless and completely inexcusable. Where do they go from here? They looked completely broken. A bunch of rabble for no reason. A group of players passing the ball instead of the ball.

Great performance against Newcastle. They fielded Paul Dummett and Emile Kraft as makeshift centre-backs, players who weren't really part of the first-team squad, but they weren't bothered at all. For United, Anthony Martial is used as a centre-forward, but frankly, what's the point? He barely touched the ball and looked completely disinterested, and it's surprising that he's still at the club after years of poor form. But long before Eddie Howe's Newcastle United celebrated raucously with 7,000 away fans, many were sneaking off the pitch.

Marcus Rashford was one of many substitutes who partied at a nightclub after Manchester City's defeat. But the game is over. It was almost traumatic, there was a hush in the stands and then United fans started to disperse long before the game was over. Who can blame them? Their team had given up long before they did. Hopefully, for them, the darkest is before the dawn.