Liverpool's latest prey is Atletico Madrid's DePaul

Liverpool's latest prey is Atletico Madrid's DePaul

Milner became the third most played player in the history of the Premier League, and captain Henderson also played 350 Premier League games for Liverpool, but the milestones created by the two were just a moment of joy. The opponent Real Madrid was eliminated early, and the league is currently only ranked 8th, being left behind by the fourth-placed Manchester United by as much as 10.Liverpool showing signs of age and mental fatigue but change of shape  sparks improvement before Arsenal clash | Football News | Sky Sports

Preparing for a rainy day is a plan that Liverpool does not need to hide, especially the midfielder, who is restricted by old age and injuries, is the key reinforcement position, but the scandal between the popular fried chicken Bellingham and Liverpool has always been at the stage of thunder and rain, but Mount and Gallagher, who were unsatisfactory at Chelsea, also appeared as Plan B. It is reported that Liverpool's latest prey is Atletico Madrid's DePaul.

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Regarding DePaul's charm, fans mostly deepened the image of "Messi's bodyguard" through Argentina's championship tour in Qatar World Cup last year. "His performance surprised me. I didn't expect him to run so well. I couldn't figure out his physical limit." Surprise? Strength dictates it! You know, he has regained the ball 42 times in the World Cup in Qatar, created 7 offensive opportunities, and passed 160 times in the offensive third zone, the most among all players, and maintained a pass success rate of 85.7%.

Rodrigo De Paul tells Lionel Messi to join him at Atletico Madrid | US

What's interesting is that the two sides almost cooperated two years ago, but at that time Liverpool's favorite was cut off by Atletico Madrid. Time has passed, can they hold hands as they wish? At least Atletico Madrid's price tag of 40 million euros is not a hindrance. The key question is when De Paul, who is not shrouded in the halo of "Messi's bodyguard", will really copy the alternative glory in the club.