Leao strikes twice as Milan humiliate Napoli 4-0

Leao strikes twice as Milan humiliate Napoli 4-0

Naples was defeated by AC Milan 0-4 at home? When the score at the Maradona Stadium is so fixed, not only the Naples fans are stunned, but even the red and black diehards will find it incredible. The performance of Naples this season is obvious to all, and public opinion was unanimously optimistic about the Sky Blues before the game. As a result, football once again proved itself to be round. Facing the Rossoneri, which had not won a victory in March, the invincible Naples encountered the worst pain of the season. lose.


The strong group of the Champions League has qualified and easily advanced to the top 8. The league leads the league with an advantage of nearly 20 points. The championship is already in the bag. The offensive combination of Kravatsheria and Osmeen scored like a bag..... . Naples this season is a phenomenal team. Not only is the style of play gorgeous, the scene is beautiful, and the report card is also quite beautiful. When the season entered the sprint stage, people even began to imagine that this team, sheltered by the ball king Maradona, would hit the double crown historically.

In contrast, the situation of defending Serie A champion Milan is not so good. The Rossoneri suddenly lost the chain after the World Cup. In January, they only won one game and conceded 18 goals. Pioli had to make changes, but in March, the curse of invincibility struck again. The fourth level is also in jeopardy. Had it not been for the elimination of Tottenham in the Champions League to enter the top 8, Milan would have suffered a complete failure season.

Such a stark contrast between the two teams is enough to dominate the direction of public opinion before the game. Even if Osimhen of Naples cannot make an appearance, the Rossoneri are still the underdog. But people seem to have forgotten the fact that in the first round of Serie A, although Milan was defeated by Naples at home, they were firmly in the upper hand. no the same.

Of course, no matter how people predict before the game, football needs to speak with the performance on the field. In this campaign, Milan played very smartly in the away game. In the absence of Osimhen, they focused on locking Naples' midfield engine Lobertka, presenting an efficient offensive and defensive transition with a low profile. Facing Naples, which is not at the core blasting point and seems timid, this strategy has worked wonders. Dias first assisted two people on the right to assist Leo to score a single-handed goal, and then blasted his own defensive volley to rebound and score the goal.

Just halfway through the first half, Naples fell behind by two goals at home. Naples had never played such a headwind this season, and instantly entered a state of confusion. Although they still had an advantage in ball possession and the number of shots, the efficiency of creating threats Far less than the Rossoneri. This difference became more and more obvious after changing sides. Milan was already in full swing. Leo made a defensive burst to expand the score. Even Salle Marks, who came off the bench, was able to enter the land of no one. The icing on the cake.

0 to 4, it is hard for people to imagine that Naples will suffer such a disastrous defeat at home, but the reality is so magical. Milan has played the most hearty and efficient offense this season, and all offensive members are online, completely overwhelming Jin Minzai, who has been extremely solid defensively this season. The absolute chance of 5-0 in the audience proved that Milan can still play the demeanor of the defending Serie A champions, and it is by no means "vulnerable" as in the impression of the outside world.

It is worth mentioning that Milan and Naples will meet again in the quarter-finals of the Champions League ten days later, so some people said that this may be a smoke bomb thrown by Naples. But judging from the process of the game, even Naples, which is in a 100% state, may not be able to take advantage of Milan tonight. In the UEFA Champions League, the fight is not only about strength, but also about state and aura. At this moment, with the Rossoneri regaining their confidence in a 4-0 victory, can they look forward to the semi-finals?