La Liga-Barcelona 0-0 Girona's four-game winning streak ends

La Liga-Barcelona 0-0 Girona's four-game winning streak ends

Barcelona 0 to 0 Girona, leading La Liga with 13 points

Barcelona hosts Girona in the 28th round of La Liga. In the first half, Araujo's attack was rescued by Ghazzani's goal line, and the two sides scored a goalless draw; in the second half, Valentine wasted a single chance, and neither side seized the chance to score. At the end of the game, Barcelona drew 0-0 with Girona, and the league's four-game winning streak came to an end. However, because Real Madrid was reversed by Villarreal before, Barcelona's point advantage still expanded to 13 points, and there are still 10 points left in the league. In the case of 10 rounds, winning the championship seems to be only a matter of time.


The Camp Nou fans continued to express their love for Messi in the 10th minute of the game, chanting Messi and holding up a placard with his name on it. Recently, there have been many media reports that the Argentine football champion may return to Barcelona, and Barcelona fans are expressing their support in their own way.