Injury-Plagued Pogba Underwhelms in Juventus Return

Injury-Plagued Pogba Underwhelms in Juventus Return

Juventus has plans to offer 35-year-old Angel Di Maria a short-term contract as a reward for his skillful contributions. Meanwhile, fellow free transfer Paul Pogba, who was meant to bring immediate impact to the team, is likely to be ruled out for the rest of the season due to muscle damage. Both players joined with high expectations, but unfortunately, the younger Pogba has been a burden for Juventus.


According to statistics, Pogba, the Frenchman, has only made 10 appearances this season, totaling just 161 minutes. Considering that Juventus offered him an annual salary of 8 million euros after tax, this deal has not come close to meeting the value-for-money expectations.


In March, after 315 days, Pogba returned to the field, displaying his optimistic nature with a charming smile. However, merely two weeks later, he was once again sidelined due to a thigh injury. Despite assisting a goal in the Europa League match against Sevilla, his contributions have been far from sufficient. Juventus doesn't need to be its own worst enemy. A healthy Pogba still has potential to contribute significantly. In the match against Cremonese, Pogba was given a starting spot. Initially, it was thought that Pogba, making his first start in 390 days, would demonstrate his personal value, but after only 22 minutes on the field, he was once again forced to leave the game in tears.


During his time at Manchester United, Pogba was known for his disruptive behavior, and there were instances at Juventus where he was excluded from the squad due to tardiness. However, it seems that he has somewhat curbed his conduct. Regardless of off-pitch controversies, fans are primarily concerned with performances on the field. Regrettably, to date, Pogba's contribution has only amounted to a single assist, and the opportunity for further significant contributions seems far off. It's no wonder fans quip, "Two hours to charge, five minutes of talk time."