Footballant’s Italy Cup match recommendation today: Juventus vs Inter Milan analysis prediction

Footballant’s Italy Cup match recommendation today: Juventus vs Inter Milan analysis prediction

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On April 5th, the Italian Cup will usher in the first round of the semi-finals, and Juventus vs Inter Milan at home at the Juventus Arena. Below, Footballant will predict the game result by analyzing the recent performance of both teams.

Juventus Analysis

This season, Juventus has experienced many difficulties. A large number of injuries at the beginning of the season led to mediocre results for the team. As young players gradually improved their performance, Juventus’ record began to improve. However, due to financial problems, the team was deducted 15 points and fell out of the European competition zone.


However, Juventus is still one of the old powerhouses in Serie A. They have regained their confidence and won many games, gradually climbing up the standings. If it weren’t for the deduction of 15 points, they would now be ranked second in the standings. This shows that they have a very deep foundation. During the summer transfer window, Juventus lost Dybala to Roma on a free transfer and sold defender De Ligt to Bayern Munich for 67 million euros. However, they also added players such as Kiesa, Di Maria, and Bremer to their squad, so their strength has not declined.

Juventus achieved a record of 18 wins, 5 draws and 5 losses in Serie A this season. Their home record is particularly outstanding. They won 11 games, drew 3 games and lost only 1 game in their home stadium, scoring 34 goals and conceding only 12 goals. They are the best team in Serie A at home games. The only loss at home was a surprise defeat to Monza. In their last 10 games, they won 8 games, drew 1 game and lost 1 game, and have already won five consecutive victories with a hot form.

Inter Milan Analysis

Inter Milan won the Serie A championship again in the 2020-2021 season and finished second by only two points last season. In recent years, their strength has been stable. This season, Inter Milan has 16 wins, 2 draws and 10 losses in the league, with 50 points ranking third, 21 points behind first-place Napoli. The hope of winning the championship has been lost, but they still have a good chance of getting a spot in the Champions League.


During the summer transfer window, Inter Milan did not make too many adjustments and only bought Lazio forward Correa and rented Lukaku from Chelsea. Their strength has remained stable and slightly improved.

Inter Milan’s home combat effectiveness is good, but their away record is not ideal. In 13 away games, Inter Milan only achieved a record of 5 wins, 2 draws and 6 losses, scoring 20 goals and conceding 24 goals. Their ability to fight away from home ranks only tenth among Serie A teams. In their last ten games, Inter Milan won four games, drew two games and lost four games. Especially in their last two games against Juventus and Florence, they lost consecutively and their form was very bad. In addition to losing to Spezia before that, Inter Milan has already lost three consecutive games in Serie A.

Head-to-head history

In the past ten matches between the two teams, Juventus has won four times, drawn four times and lost twice, occupying an advantage. In the past three matches between them, Juventus has won two times and drawn once to remain unbeaten. At home against Inter Milan, Juventus has won two times, drawn two times and lost once and has a certain psychological advantage.


Odds Analysis 

The initial odds for this game were 2.5  3.25  2.8 for the European handicap, which were adjusted to 2.25  3.2  3.4 after being placed. It is not difficult to see that the odds of an away win have risen sharply, while the draw odds have slightly decreased, attracting some funds to the possibility of a draw. However, it is unlikely that the away team will win. The Asian handicap initially opened with a flat handicap data and was mostly adjusted to a home handicap of 0.25 goals later, supporting Juventus.


Match Prediction 

Both teams are traditional strong teams in Serie A, but there is still a big gap in their recent competitive state. From the recent two games between the two sides, it is not difficult to see that Juventus has zeroed out their opponents without conceding a goal. Moreover, Inter Milan has a schedule for the Champions League recently and it is uncertain whether they will compete fully in the Italian Cup. Therefore, Footballant believes that Juventus will win this game against Inter Milan.