Footballant expert recommendation, La Liga round 31 match: Girona vs Real Madrid

Footballant expert recommendation, La Liga round 31 match: Girona vs Real Madrid

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Girona analysis

Girona spent most of their time in the second division or lower leagues. Last season, Girona finished sixth in the second division and entered the promotion playoffs. They finally beat Tenerife in the final and returned to La Liga.


This season, Girona’s squad did not change much. They only signed one defender, Lopez, and the others were loaned from big clubs. Their goal is to stay in the top flight. Currently, they have achieved 10 wins, 8 draws and 12 losses in the league, ranking 11th with 38 points, 8 points above the relegation zone. From the data point of view, their relegation pressure is not big, but they can not take it lightly.



Girona’s home performance is one of their highlights this season. They scored 27 goals and conceded 18 goals at home, achieving 8 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses. They only lost to Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, two big clubs, at home. In their last home game, they beat Elche 2-0 and achieved two consecutive home wins. It can be said that home is an important cornerstone for Girona’s relegation.


Overall, Girona is a mid-lower team with not much competitiveness in La Liga. They need to rely on their home advantage to keep their seats, and also improve their away performance to increase their confidence. If they can play steadily and avoid injuries, they are expected to complete their relegation task this season.


Real Madrid analysis

Real Madrid’s squad did not change much this season. They kept their main players, such as Benzema, Modric, Ramos, etc., and introduced two central defenders, Rudiger and Chouameni, to strengthen their defense. Their goal is to defend La Liga and the Champions League, and continue to dominate Spanish and European football.


Currently, they have achieved 20 wins, 5 draws and 5 losses in La Liga, ranking second with 65 points. However, they are already 11 points behind the leader Barcelona, and have no chance of winning the title. In the Champions League, they topped their group in the group stage, and then eliminated Dortmund, Bayern Munich and Manchester City in the knockout stage, reaching the final.


Real Madrid’s away performance is one of their advantages this season. They scored 27 goals and conceded 12 goals away, achieving 10 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses. They only lost to Barcelona, Sevilla and Valencia, three strong teams, away. In their last away game, they beat Cadiz 2-0, ending their two-game winless streak away.


However, Real Madrid’s home performance is quite unstable. They only scored 19 goals and conceded 15 goals at home, achieving 10 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss. They could only draw or lose to some weaker opponents at home, such as Osasuna, Elche, Levante, etc. This also caused them to fail to catch up with Barcelona’s pace in the league.


Head-to-head history

Girona have played against Real Madrid seven times in recent years, achieving 2 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses. Although they are at a disadvantage, Real Madrid do not have an overwhelming advantage. In the first leg of this season, Girona drew 1-1 with Real Madrid away, showing a good resistance ability.



Odds analysis

The European odds opened at 6.0   4.0   1.53, and after adjustment, they are currently at 5.25   4.2   1.57, slightly raising the away win odds and lowering the home win odds. Considering that Girona drew with Real Madrid away and are good at home games, this adjustment may make people think that Girona have the possibility of a home upset, and there is a suspicion of inducing money to flow to the home win. And the Asian handicap directly gives Real Madrid a one-goal advantage, showing a lot of confidence in Real Madrid.



Match prediction

Although Real Madrid have little hope of winning the title, they are only 5 points ahead of third-placed Atletico Madrid, and they need to be alert to keep their second place in the league. There are still 15 days before the Champions League semi-final match, and Real Madrid will not be distracted. Combined with the changes in the odds, this match between Girona vs Real Madrid, the recommended result is Real Madrid win.