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Qatar 2022 introduces supporters tickets for fans

2022-04-08 03:30:47 2057 Versions

In an unprecedented move to ensure that fans get the best of their World Cup experience, Qatar 2022 local organising committee alongside FIFA's ticketing committee have introduced Supporters tickets.


Supporters tickets will allow fans who are not nationals of countries they support and would like to sit with the fans of that country, to be able to do just that.

Any fan who buys a supporters ticket for a country's match can move over to the official seating area for the fans of that country and sit with them in order to enjoy the game like a true fan.

The supporters ticket is one of the tickets which will be in the second phase of the random draw for tickets which started in April. Fans have to visit the official FIFA ticketing platform and apply for tickets, which will in turn, help in securing accomodation for the tournament.

The application phase will run until Thursday, 28 April. Fans will also have the opportunity to take advantage of the compactness of the World Cup by requesting more than one ticket per day.

The Qatar World Cup will be holding in and around the capital city of Doha, which makes it the smallest World Cup in history. Travel times between stadiums are less than an hour which means that fans have the opportunity to witness two World Cup matches in one day.

This is a far cry from other World Cups that sometimes require flights to reach another city in which another of the host stadiums are.

Alongside the Supporter and multi-ticket opportunities for fans, Conditional Supporter Tickets will also be on offer for fans. FIFA however warns that purchasing the supporter or conditional supporter tickets may be void for some countries whose fans require only fan club members in their seating area.

Fans who apply between now and April 28 will find out the state of their applications by May 31. Unsuccessful fans will have the opportunity of buying tickets through another means which FIFA will reveal later.

Following the announcement of the innovative ticket options for Qatar 2022, the full breakdown of tickets on offer for the global showpiece are as follows:

Individual Match Tickets: Tickets for a specific match, available across four different price categories.

Supporter Tickets: Group-stage tickets for supporters of a certain team, available across three different price categories.

Conditional Supporter Tickets: Tickets for supporters of a certain team for a second-round match that could potentially feature their team, available across three different price categories.

Four-Stadium Ticket Series: Tickets for fans who want to sample the atmosphere across four different matches and iconic stadiums on successive days. 

Accessibility Tickets: Tickets that provide access to tailored facilities and spaces for disabled people and people with limited mobility, covering a range of requirements, as part of any of the above products.

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