Jose Mourinho pledges loyalty to Roma after Conference League win

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Jose Mourinho pledges loyalty to Roma after Conference League win

Mourinho has poured cold water on rumours that he could depart AS Roma in the summer. The Portuguese manager wants to build a successful team for the Italian outfit ahead of next season.

Sir Alex Ferguson once said you play to win every competition. In that statement lies the essence of the game. It doesn’t matter what you think of it. As far as you’re in it, the onus lies on you to do everything legitimately possible to win it. There are very few coaches that believe this and few fans who agree with Ferguson.

Jose Mourinho is a manager that believes in winning. Like nobody plays boxing, Jose Mourinho does not play finals. For Mourinho, finals are not just to be played but to be won.

The former Chelsea manager led AS Roma to their first-ever European trophy. It was also their first title win in 14 years.

Following the win over Feyenoord on Wednesday night, speculations have been rife over the future of the Portuguese manager. With pressure from several clubs around Europe to join them, Mourinho has cleared the air on his immediate future, claiming he’s going nowhere.

Jose will remain at Roma

Jose Mourinho has cleared the air on his immediate future. The were speculations about him leaving AS Roma following their UEFA Europa Conference League win, but the former Real Madrid manager has doused those rumours.

After the win, Mourinho said he was staying, and there are no doubts. According to the Portuguese, even with rumours, he only wants to remain at AS Roma.

Everywhere Mourinho goes, he does good things. He has an enviable track record. It is a record of winning wherever Mourinho goes. The only club he has failed to win a title in is Tottenham, which seems to have a pact with not winning.

Jose Mourinho hates to lose and rarely goes to a club where the going is smooth. Wherever he goes, it is to fix a situation, change the status quo, and turn losers into winners. He has succeeded in all his missions except for Tottenham. Both clubs are battling the demons of incompetence.

Still celebrating

The celebrations are still on in the Italian capital, Rome. Jose Mourinho doused the fears that he would leave the club by insisting he would be staying at Roma this summer.

The Portuguese manager has won a trophy in his first season at every club he’s been at except Tottenham. He set another record by becoming the first manager to win the inaugural edition of the UEFA Europa Conference League. He is also the only manager to win the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Cup, the Europa League and the Conference League.

By winning the Conference League, Mourinho won Italy their first European club title since their last win in 2010. Italy last made a European conquest through Mourinho when he led Inter Milan to win the Champions League.

Jose Mourinho completed his set of European titles as AS Roma beat Feyenoord 1-0 on Wednesday night. The only goal of the game came via Nicolo Zaniolo.

Mourinho is already planning for next season. He appealed to the fans that they must understand what the owners want to do next season. He described them as fantastic people who want to build a robust project with honest professionals.

Roma will play in the Europa League next season, and Mourinho is already planning for it. 

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