French Cup 2023: 일정, 순위, 득점 선두 및 도움 기록에 대한 포괄적 가이드

French Cup 순위

지난 10년간의 리그 순위 데이터를 검색할 수 있으며, 전체, 하프, 홈 및 원정 경기의 역사적인 통계를 포함합니다.

향후 일정

지난 10년간의 리그 경기 데이터에 대해서는 각 시즌 다른 클럽의 경기 데이터를 선택하고 역사적인 일정 데이터를 쿼리할 수 있습니다.
현재 목록은 최신 리그 일정을 보여줍니다.
홈그라운드 vs 원정팀
라이브 매치

최고 득점자

최근 시즌 선수 데이터(팀, 득점, 홈 및 원정 득점), 역사적 데이터에 접근 - 10년간의 최고 득점자 통계.


리그 데이터 제공

Standings:All-time full, half-time, home and away data for different seasons.

Match data:Historical match data for different seasons, including scores, odds, corners, handicaps, over/under, red and yellow cards, and other live match details.

Football Player Data:Player records, including goals scored, clean sheets and passes.

에 대한French Cup

There are a total of 14 rounds in Coupe de France, of which the first 8 rounds are qualifiers. The low-level teams (amateur teams in the regional leagues, including Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana and Réunion) join the rounds in order from low to high (National 3-Round 3, National 2-Round 4, National 1-Round 5). The schedule of these 8 rounds is determined by the regional league organizations, and that of the last 6 rounds is determined by the French Football Association with draws conducted in each round. The Ligue 1 teams play in the 9th round (i.e. 1/32 finals) and the home teams are aslo decided by draws. When the league level difference between the two teams is 2 or more, the lower-level team will play at home. Coupe de France is single-legged knockout competition. If a match ends in a draw after normal time, 30-minute extra time is played and if the match is still drawn, penalties are held. There is no golden goal or silver goal. Like the Coupe de la Ligue, the final of Coupe de France is held at Stade de France in Saint-Denis, and the President of France will present the trophy to the champion.