Divisi Satu Azerbaijan 2022/10/25 10:30
E Nel G Tick
E Nel G Tick
Turan Tovuz II
Turan Tovuz II

2022/10/25 AZE D2: E Nel G Tick vs Turan Tovuz II Analisis pertandingan

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Tipe GolGol
HT(45') FT(90')
Pre-match tips 0.90~1.98 2.72~3.22
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Live score 0:2 0:3

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HT(45') FT(90')
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Berikut adalah prediksi langsung E Nel G Tick untuk pertandingan Turan Tovuz II. Model AI data besar secara otomatis memprediksi jumlah tendangan sudut dan gol teoretis saat ini berdasarkan data permainan waktu nyata, membantu Anda memanfaatkan peluang terbaik untuk melempar bola. Mohon diingatkan bahwa prediksi ini hanya untuk referensi dan tidak setara dengan jumlah tendangan sudut dan gol yang sebenarnya.


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Livescore gratis E Nel G Tick vs Turan Tovuz II,momentum serangan()

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E Nel G Tick Turan Tovuz II

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E Nel G Tick

1 Matches


Turan Tovuz II

2022/10/25 10:30
0 - 3
30' - Gol - Turan Tovuz II41' - Gol - Turan Tovuz II76' - Gol - Turan Tovuz II HT
E Nel G Tick vs Turan Tovuz II 2022/10/25 10:30

Hingga 2022/10/25 10:30 E Nel G Tick vs Turan Tovuz II H2H, Cocokkan Data.

Berikut adalah prediksi dan perbandingan statistik head-to-head untuk E Nel G Tick vs Turan Tovuz II sebelum dimulainya pertandingan. Catatan head to head E Nel G Tick vs Turan Tovuz II menunjukkan bahwa dari 1 pertemuan yang telah mereka lakukan telah, E Nel G Tick telah memenangkan 0 kali dan Turan Tovuz II telah memenangkan 1 kali. Pertandingan 0 antara E Nel G Tick dan Turan Tovuz II berakhir imbang. Di Football Ant livescore anda dapat menemukan semua hasil pertandingan E Nel G Tick vs Turan Tovuz II yang diurut berdasarkan pertandingan Head to Head sebelumnya. 24H Soccer Win juga menawarkan cara terbaik untuk memantau skor pertandingan secara live dalam segala macam fitur. All of these features can help you decide on Juárez E Nel G Tick vs Turan Tovuz II game prediction.

E Nel G Tick Statistik Pertandingan 10 Terbaru

2022/12/17 11:00
3 - 0
1' - Gol - Sabayi II30' - Gol - Sabayi II HT
Sabayi II vs E Nel G Tick 2022/12/17 11:00
2022/12/01 10:40
3 - 2
1' - Gol - E Nel G Tick24' - Gol - FK MOIK Baku27' - Gol - FK MOIK Baku31' - Tendangan Sudut - FK MOIK Baku33' - Gol - FK MOIK Baku39' - Tendangan Sudut - FK MOIK Baku42' - Tendangan Sudut - FK MOIK Baku65' - Tendangan Sudut - FK MOIK Baku78' - Tendangan Sudut - E Nel G Tick80' - Gol - E Nel G Tick84' - Tendangan Sudut - FK MOIK Baku90' - Tendangan Sudut - FK MOIK Baku HT
FK MOIK Baku vs E Nel G Tick 2022/12/01 10:40
2022/11/23 10:00
0 - 2
30' - Gol - Zira FK60' - Gol - Zira FK HT
E Nel G Tick vs Zira FK 2022/11/23 10:00
2022/11/08 10:00
1 - 0
36' - Gol - E Nel G Tick HT
E Nel G Tick vs Araz Nakhchivan 2022/11/08 10:00
2022/11/02 10:30
4 - 0
44' - Gol - FK Qabala II64' - Gol - FK Qabala II76' - Gol - FK Qabala II80' - Gol - FK Qabala II HT
FK Qabala II vs E Nel G Tick 2022/11/02 10:30
2022/10/25 10:30
0 - 3
30' - Gol - Turan Tovuz II41' - Gol - Turan Tovuz II76' - Gol - Turan Tovuz II HT
E Nel G Tick vs Turan Tovuz II 2022/10/25 10:30
2022/10/19 09:00
3 - 0
9' - Tendangan Penalti - Zira FK II10' - Tendangan Sudut - Zira FK II14' - Tendangan Sudut - E Nel G Tick45' - Tendangan Sudut - Zira FK II55' - Tendangan Sudut - Zira FK II61' - Tendangan Sudut - E Nel G Tick68' - Tendangan Sudut - E Nel G Tick70' - Tendangan Sudut - Zira FK II70' - Tendangan Sudut - Zira FK II79' - Tendangan Sudut - E Nel G Tick82' - Tendangan Sudut - Zira FK II83' - Tendangan Sudut - Zira FK II88' - Gol - Zira FK II90' - Gol - Zira FK II HT
Zira FK II vs E Nel G Tick 2022/10/19 09:00
2022/10/05 11:00
1 - 0
45' - Gol - Kapaz PFK II HT
Kapaz PFK II vs E Nel G Tick 2022/10/05 11:00

Terakhir10, 1 Menang 8 Kalah 1 Seri.Goals for 4.Goals against 22.
Goals for 0.4 Goals against 2.2 in average.Win rate: 10%.Handicap win rate: 0%.Gol lebih rate: 67%.

Turan Tovuz II Statistik Pertandingan 10 Terbaru

Terakhir10, 6 Menang 3 Kalah 1 Seri, Goals for 17.Goals against 8.
Goals for 1.7,Goals against 0.8 in average.Win rate:60%.Handicap win rate:0%.Gol lebih rate: 100%.

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E Nel G Tick

Turan Tovuz II

Tentang pertandingan:

E Nel G Tick is going head to head with Turan Tovuz II starting on 2022/10/25 10:30. The match is a part of the Divisi Satu Azerbaijan
Currently, E Nel G Tick rank -st, while Turan Tovuz II hold - position.E Nel G Tick - Turan Tovuz II - places, difference between the two teams - points.

On the FootballAnt scores page, you can find all the matches that E Nel G Tick and Turan Tovuz II have played in, view the results and standings, and analyze the historical data to predict the latest games.

FootballAnt also offers an intelligent way to watch the match (live digital streaming), keeping an eye on the action, live scores, and other data.
With live data from the game, you can watch the following:
- Who is scoring the goals in the live match;
- Use the 'Attack and Defence Chart' to see which team is dominating the current game;
- Keep an eye on detailed statistics such as possession, shots, corners, red and yellow cards, key passes, odds, and more;
- View all historical results;
- Keep track of all home and away games for each team in Divisi Satu Azerbaijan;
- See which team players worldwide are more likely to win the match.
These features will help you predict which team is more likely to win a match. FootballAnt does not offer direct betting, only odds change statistics and odds trends. On the live scores page, you can watch the global indices fluctuate.

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