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Match Live
2023/04/07 19:30
1 - 0
Hay Al Wadi vs Rabita Kosti 2023/04/07 19:30
2023/03/31 19:00
0 - 0
Rabita Kosti vs Al Fallah SC 2023/03/31 19:00
2023/03/21 13:30
2 - 2
Rabita Kosti vs Al Zuma SC 2023/03/21 13:30
2023/03/06 13:30
1 - 0
Kober Khartoum vs Rabita Kosti 2023/03/06 13:30
2023/02/24 13:30
1 - 2
Rabita Kosti vs Hilal El Fasher 2023/02/24 13:30
2022/12/19 16:30
0 - 1
Rabita Kosti vs Hilal Alsahel 2022/12/19 16:30
2022/12/15 13:15
1 - 2
Rabita Kosti vs Hay Al-Arab 2022/12/15 13:15
2022/12/09 14:00
2 - 1
Al-Ahly Merowe vs Rabita Kosti 2022/12/09 14:00
2022/12/04 14:00
1 - 1
Al Ahly Shendi vs Rabita Kosti 2022/12/04 14:00
2022/11/30 15:00
0 - 0
Rabita Kosti vs Wad Nobawi 2022/11/30 15:00
2022/11/24 15:00
0 - 3
Rabita Kosti vs Hay Al Wadi 2022/11/24 15:00
2022/11/15 16:30
1 - 0
Amal Atbara vs Rabita Kosti 2022/11/15 16:30

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Rabita KostiScore data (and analysis prediction), player lineups and season schedule. Rabita Kostiwill play againstRabita KostiinSudanese Premier Leagueat2023/04/17 19:30

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