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2023/01/28 19:45
4' - Corner Kick - 波圖10' - Goal - 波圖32' - Yellow Card - 士砵亭37' - Corner Kick - 士砵亭38' - Corner Kick - 士砵亭43' - Corner Kick - 士砵亭45' - Corner Kick - 士砵亭54' - Corner Kick - 波圖57' - Corner Kick - 波圖59' - Corner Kick - 波圖63' - Yellow Card - 士砵亭63' - Yellow Card - 波圖66' - Corner Kick - 士砵亭73' - Red Card - 士砵亭74' - Corner Kick - 士砵亭86' - Corner Kick - 波圖86' - Goal - 波圖90' - Corner Kick - 波圖
0.25 / 2.25

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About Portugal League Cup

Taça da Liga, known outside Portugal as Portuguese League Cup, is an annual football club competition organized for teams competing in the Primeira Liga and LigaPro. It consists of three rounds. First of all, 16 teams from LigaPro are divided into 4 groups for a single round-robin match. The top two of each group advance to the next round. In the second round, the first-round winners, top two of LigaPro last season and teams ranked from 9th to 14th of Primeira Liga in the previous season teams play double round-robin matches after a drawing of lots. The eight winners go to the third round. Together with last season’s top 8 teams of Primeira Liga, a total of 16 teams are divided into 4 groups for single round-robin competitions, and the first place of each group advance to the semi-finals. Both the semi-finals and finals are on a single round-robin basis. If tho clubs are tied after 90 minutes, 30-minute extra time is played with a penalty shoot-out followed if necessary.