2023: Comprehensive Guide to Schedule, Standings, Scorers & Assists


As for the league match data in the past ten years, you can choose the match data of different clubs each season and switch to query the historical schedule data.
The current list shows the latest league fixtures.
Home vs Away
Match Live
Spread / Goal
2024/04/23 23:59
-0.5 / 2
2024/04/16 23:59
HT24' - Yellow Card - Al-Nahda Muscat37' - Yellow Card - Al-Ahed47' - Goal - Al-Ahed49' - Corner Kick - Al-Ahed68' - Yellow Card - Al-Ahed71' - Corner Kick - Al-Nahda Muscat84' - Corner Kick - Al-Nahda Muscat
0.25 / 2.25
2024/02/22 16:00
HT1' - Corner Kick - FC Macarthur2' - Corner Kick - Central Coast Mariners5' - Corner Kick - Central Coast Mariners9' - Yellow Card - Central Coast Mariners11' - Corner Kick - Central Coast Mariners11' - Corner Kick - Central Coast Mariners15' - Corner Kick - Central Coast Mariners18' - Yellow Card - FC Macarthur26' - Corner Kick - Central Coast Mariners35' - Corner Kick - Central Coast Mariners39' - Corner Kick - FC Macarthur40' - Corner Kick - FC Macarthur43' - Corner Kick - Central Coast Mariners45' - Corner Kick - FC Macarthur45' - Corner Kick - FC Macarthur49' - Corner Kick - Central Coast Mariners53' - Corner Kick - FC Macarthur56' - Corner Kick - FC Macarthur64' - Corner Kick - Central Coast Mariners79' - Corner Kick - FC Macarthur81' - Goal - Central Coast Mariners84' - Yellow Card - FC Macarthur88' - Goal - FC Macarthur90' - Corner Kick - Central Coast Mariners92' - Goal - FC Macarthur95' - Corner Kick - Central Coast Mariners100' - Corner Kick - Central Coast Mariners102' - Corner Kick - Central Coast Mariners105' - Goal - Central Coast Mariners116' - Corner Kick - Central Coast Mariners120' - Goal - Central Coast Mariners120' - Yellow Card - Central Coast Mariners120' - Corner Kick - Central Coast Mariners120' - Yellow Card - Central Coast Mariners
0.25 / 2.75

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About AFC Cup

The AFC Cup is an annual continental club football competition organised by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). Under its current rules, the competition is played primarily between clubs from nations that did not receive direct qualifying slots in the top-tier AFC Champions League, based on the AFC Club Competitions Ranking.Teams from 27 AFC countries have reached the group stage of the AFC Cup. Asterisks represent occasions where at least one team was eliminated in qualification for the group stage. A total of 29 teams will directly enter the group phase, while the other 3 places will be allocated to 3 Asian Cup champions elimination losing teams. The 32 teams will be divided into eight groups, including four teams in East Asia and four in West Asia. The top two teams in each group will be promoted to the round of 16. The round of 16 teams will be divided into East Asia and West Asia respectively, and the single elimination system will be adopted. When the top 8 are produced, they will be decided by drawing lots again. The home and away rounds elimination system will be adopted for the top 8, semi-final and final.