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2022/10/17 15:30
11' - Corner Kick - TPS Turku16' - Goal - TPS Turku27' - Goal - TPS Turku34' - Yellow Card - Jaro37' - Corner Kick - TPS Turku46' - Yellow Card - TPS Turku48' - Goal - TPS Turku62' - Corner Kick - TPS Turku64' - Yellow Card - Jaro64' - Yellow Card - TPS Turku72' - Yellow Card - Jaro79' - Corner Kick - Jaro81' - Goal - TPS Turku87' - Yellow Card - TPS Turku
-0.5 / 2.5

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About Finland Ykkonen

The first division is played mainly during the summer. It comprises 10 clubs, all of whom play three matches against all other clubs in the division. The winner of the Ykkönen qualifies directly for promotion toVeikkausliiga and the team finishing second in the league, will play two legged promotion playoff against the team finishing 11th in the Veikkausliiga. The bottom 2 clubs are directly relegated to Kakkonen.